29 October 2009

I Love my Letter Box

During our grandparents' time, news were mostly conveyed through radios and hand-written letters were delivered by post.

Nowadays with advanced technology, news were sent efficiently and quickly. But each house still has a letter box for the postman to deliver mail.

EJ believes that everyone still look forward to the postman delivering letters as there is a feeling of warmth and a special touch of happiness in opening a friend's handwritten letter or postcard.

Unless houses were constructed with the letter boxes concealed in gate pillars like in many modern housing estates; most people would prefer to buy their own choice of letter box. Letter boxes are sold in a basic box shape but with slight variations.

When EJ's brilliant red plastic letter box dropped and smashed to a million pieces (suspected due to unseen forces) coupled with a busy schedule at that time, EJ decided to put up a temporary letter box.

After finishing the last biscuit, EJ stared at the empty biscuit tin and thought, "Why not?"

EJ took out the hammer, a nail, a coil of wires and started work on the biscuit tin. Holes were made at the back of the tin for the wires to go through to tie the box to the gate. Holes were also made at the bottom to drain out whatever rain that may collect. EJ was extremely pleased with the result.

Visiting friends find this unusual letter box very amusing and would walk in with big grins on their faces.

With the biscuits finishing soon, EJ feels it is time to change the letter box as rust has filled the whole bottom of the existing one.


nurul said...

so cute la miss yap! i like this story very much. why don't you tell us the story about a naughty boy who put a dead rat in that box? :D :D

clarence said...

just paint it red... should be DIY and lovely.. hee hee

Gattina said...

What a nice collection of letter boxes !
I like this "homemade" letterbox, what a creativity !

Tigertail said...

Quote "Nurul": OMG EW.

Psst. You're supposed to call her EJ... ;) She's a secret-identity blogger agent personabob.

Blackie007 said...

LOL...yeah, I remember being amused at the biscuit tin at the gate. :D

Boo-Bah said...

Very clever! I love the idea of a biscuit tin becoming a mailbox. I have a mailbox painted brown with a cow and sunflowers on it. My son inlaw painted it for me.


Bonnie Bonsai said...

hahaha....don't be offended. am only amused. infact my daughter is fond taking photographs of different shapes of letter boxes.

You're right, it is really nice to receive letters other than email. i am not happy with emails because mostly my box is filled with junks if not spams.

I'm collecting empty biscuit tins. i seldom buy them in a tin only when there is something unusual that is sold, then I buy. not for the content but by the box alone.

nurul said...

Tigertail: uppss!! should call him EJ!