26 June 2022


Our human tip-toed in to the MeowYard wanting to snap a photo of sleeping Winnie having her afternoon siesta in an odd position.
With the handphone in position and just before the camera clicked, Winnie's survival instinct kicked in. She opened her eyes and got up.
She stretched!
Agreed; this is a weak stretch unlike most young felines but then Winnie is an elderly lady. She usually stretches lying down when our human gives her a full body comb holding one of her paws to reach certain parts of her body.

19 June 2022


As you all know to cool Winnie down on hot afternoons, she gets groomed with a wet comb.
It must have felt good as she drools during that process.
Our human tried but could not get a good shot of those drools as Winnie kept demanded to be combed.
This is the best shot of her drool droplets on her chin.

12 June 2022

Toe Beans

It rained the whole day yesterday, a lot so the afternoon was much cooler than normal.
Winnie was at her spot in the MeowYard curled up with her hind legs propped on her scratchboard showing off her toe beans (digital paw pads).

05 June 2022

Wet Comb

During these current hot days, Winnie tries her best to cool down especially in the afternoons.
Our human decided to help this time by dipping the comb in water before combing Winnie's fur hoping to "kill two birds with one stone".
It seemed to work. Winnie got combed and her fur got a little damp thus cooling her a bit.
Note the wet fur on  her comb.