25 July 2021

My Pillow

Clearing a corner our human found a long forgotten gift from the pet store when purchasing pet products above a certain amount.
It was a small pillow wrapped in plastic (plastic now discarded) and is put to good use for Winnie.

18 July 2021

Winnie's Stairs

Years ago when our kitty gang became more advanced in age, our human put together a makeshift stairs for them to jump up.
Now it is Winnie's personal stairs which she uses daily.
PS: On days when heavy thunderstorms occur, our house electricity trips. 
Our human will switch off and unplug all electrical appliances as a safety measure. There were times when our human did not blog due to this reason.

04 July 2021

Relaxed Supervision!

As usual Winnie supervises all clean-ups in her MeowYard...with a critical eye.
And with her front paws crossed, she was rather relaxed while her human slaved away!
With the mop moving up and down the length of the MeowYard monotonously, Winnie's upper eyelids got heavier!