31 March 2013

Oh...To Look Forever Young!

Have you ever caught your cat looking and admiring his/her image in the mirror?

Everyone, especially females, would love to look forever young.

As you age, it is the norm that your facial muscles become slack and baggy.
Facial exercises help in achieving a youthful and wrinkle-free face as it stimulate blood flow and circulation as well as relieve tension.

Here is pretty Pebble demonstrating one of her favourite facial exercise to look beautiful [and not so pretty while doing it!].

24 March 2013

Show of Paw?

It was a hot afternoon.

Something in the MeowYard that did not look quite right caught the corner of EJ's eyes. EJ noticed that one leg of the plastic chair seemed to be on top of Tanya and decided to have a closer look.

Behind Tanya was a fat butt belonging to Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK. This meant that perhaps Tanya and Captain Jack both fought for that corner pushing that little chair into a funny position.

The old compact digital camera's loud whirring and clicking noises made Tanya look up. 
Gosh! Did Tanya mutter something? Look at her mouth! Her paw! Look at her paw! Is that some kind of a sign? A show of paw?

Then Tanya got up and walked off...

...leaving Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK with a bewildered look!

17 March 2013

Slim Legs

Hello everyone. As you can see my legs are much slimmer than before and really do hope it can still hold for a long more time to come.

Here is Tanya doing her usual normal lazy scratch lying down.

10 March 2013

Climb to Nowhere

Oops! Caught red-handed! Have to think of an excuse quick!

Friends, better have a good reason or a quick escape plan before you try such a stunt. 
Is it a crime to climb to nowhere?
Have a great weekend everyone.

03 March 2013

A Lump Discovered

Yesterday was extremely hot. 

To help cool the MeowYard, EJ kept mopping the floor. The cats all slept stretched out on the damp floor.

The one who slept cutest of all was Kenggy who was fully stretched exposing her fat belly. Well, it was simply too irresistable not to touch. Trying not to disturb Kenggy's afternoon siesta, EJ crept near and gently stroke that exposed fat belly and felt a small lump! 

Hoping that it was matted fur, EJ felt it again. It is indeed a mammary mass. Immediately an appointment was made with her vet.

Kenggy and EJ just came back from the clinic. It is hoped that her mammary mass is benign so mastectomy is not necessary. 

It happens to some senior female cats. For now, there will be no treatment for Kenggy and EJ is to monitor that lump for any changes.