28 May 2023

For Winnie's Eating Pleasure

As she kept spilling food while eating, a pet pad was used as temporary make-shift feeding mat.
Since Winnie could not see well, she pawed her wet food before eating.
Her slave plans to purchase a proper pet feeding mat to catch those spills.
To ease her eating position, a ceramic plate is now used and propped a little higher (not shown here) than the previous upturned plastic container.

21 May 2023

Photo Fail

On seeing Winnie's amusing position in her afternoon siesta, the slave quickly went back in the main house to retrieve the cellphone to capture that moment.
Upon return, the slave was greeted by this look!
Mmmm, is this a look of disapproval?

14 May 2023

FoodBits on Face

She just ate.
The slave was just about to clean Winnie and was mildly amused greeted by this sight below. Of course the slave could not help but snap a photo.

07 May 2023

She's a Drool Queen

She drools a lot even in sleep, now seldom wash clean herself, her slave does it for her several times a day with damp cottonwool and then comb.
Winnie do try to clean but leaves bits of food all over when she does.
Now 19, geriatric girl is slowing down...a lot!
PS: Could not blog last week due to thunderstorm with non-stop lightnings that caused electricity trips.