30 June 2013

Yawning Weekend

The hot weather these days sure makes you sleepy. Yawn!

Thank goodness the haze has gone but reports says it is not over and may come back.

In the meantime we will have a snooze.
Happy weekend everyone!

23 June 2013

Wishing For Cooler Days and Cleaner Air

Several hot spots in the neighbouring country has resulted in haze at our place. The present extremely hot weather without rain worsened the situation.

The MeowYard is being either washed or wet-mopped several times a day in an effort to cool the area and sometimes EJ hand-sprays water mist in the air.

The kitties will all then lie down fully stretched on the damp tiles to cool off.

Air in the MeowYard is cleaner than the rest of the house as there are several hanging pots of green. 

To help clean air in the house as well, EJ has begun transferring in smaller pots of green plants from the porch.

Winnie here mulls and dreams of cooler days and clean air when the year's end monsoon comes which at times brings flashfloods, uprooted trees and massive traffic jams.

16 June 2013

A Mischievous Captain

Recently Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK is getting more mischievous. Guess it is because he is the sole ('ahem, whisper' neutered) male in an all female home.

Like the time when Tanya was in this box, Captain Jack would glare long and hard with his big one only eye till Tanya had enough to leave.

And he would promptly climb in to take that spot!

PS: Tanya still has furball caught in her lower fang but EJ has found a way using fingers to pinch it out.

As to Kenggy, there is nothing much we can do now except that EJ has to closely monitor her health and watch out for lumps.

09 June 2013

It's both benign and malignant!

Thank you all who sent get well wishes, purrayers and love.

Kenggy's lump of growth has both benign and malignant cells.

She is recovering extremely well and is active. Scabs has formed where the incision was and is falling off.

After joining her roommates a few days ago, EJ noticed Kenggy always slept curled up and never stretched out like she always did. EJ figured that perhaps Kenggy is afraid that her roommates may accidently paw her sensitive bald belly.

So EJ put her back to her private unit and look what she did immediately. She stretched and wriggled much to the awe of surprised Winnie.

Since Kenggy is not exactly 'out of the woods', for now she joins her roommates in the meowyard for breakfast and the rest of the day. She has her dinner and spends the night in her private unit.

02 June 2013

Kenggy's Cut

Her unilateral mastectomy to remove the lump, her left first and second mammary glands was on Tuesday.

She had to stay that night at the clinic so that her vet could check and monitor her on a regular basis. She was on drips and her abdomen was tightly bound.

When EJ came to collect Kenggy the next day, Wednesday, her blood results arrived. The results were good. Her lungs in the x-ray were clear.

At home, in order for Kenggy to recuperate, she was placed in a large cage. Kenggy hated it and constantly hollered. EJ decided to dig out the old pet pen stashed hidden and carefully away. It was night by the time it was set up and things cleared from the lowest shelf of the 'all things for kitty' rack beside the MeowRoom door. 
Kenggy's mini unit is complete with bed and toilet as well as enable the cats to see, smell, touch each other but at the same time Kenggy is protected. Their food bowls are purposedly placed on either side of their room door to enable them to eat side by side but separated.

Winnie came to visit and dined.

Later both Tanya and Pebble visited. Captain Jack visited too but a photo was not taken. EJ was too busy chasing after Tanya to pill antibiotics for her sore gums.

Soon Kenggy settled in and rested.

It was tough trying to snap a photo of the incision. It was very well done considering the length of the incision and less than 24 hours after the operation. 

The stitches held when Kenggy stood up. It did not budge even when scrunched.

Look at her round belly! A double! Doesn't she look like a cute mini monster with fangs, furless limbs, belly and glowing eyes?

She even sharpened her invisible claws conveniently here.

We are still waiting for the results of the biopsy.