26 August 2012

Fat Cat in Narrow-Necked Jar

More than 40 years ago, EJ and siblings wondered whether their fat cat, whom to their eyes had a silhouette of a miniature elephant, could go inside mom's narrow-necked ceramic jar or get stuck trying to get in. The very thought of how hilarious it would look with its fat rump sticking up and legs kicking in the air gave them courage to try out. 

First, they made sure mom went out. Then they took that narrow-necked ceramic jar and placed it in the middle of the hall. 

Yeow-Yeow, yes, that was the fatty's name, resisted when they tried to put his head in the jar opening. EJ and siblings laughed at the comic sight.

When put down on the floor briefly, fatty got fascinated and started peering in. They tried again and fatty went in after some leg kicking in the air.

Peering inside the jar, fatty could not be seen. It was dark inside. Colour of that jar (which was almost similar to the one below) did not help as it was deep brown almost black both outside and inside.

Fatty stayed in for so long and was so quiet that EJ and siblings panicked. They thought they had to rescue him by breaking Mom's jar. 

Luckily fatty got bored squatting in the dark and popped out. Can you imagine how relieved EJ and siblings were. That jar was quickly put back in its place before mom came home.

EJ thinks fatty is number 3 here. Cat on the floor was fatty's mother, Meowmy.

19 August 2012

Kenggy Paper Play

Whenever Kenggy happened to eye a pile of old newspapers on the floor which EJ stacked up neatly to be sent off for recycling, Kenggy would never rest easy.

She would dive into the pile and scatter the newspapers with her forelimb stubs. And when extremely excited, she would hop around on her powerful hind limbs like a miniature obese kangaroo. (Kenggy's name is short for kangaroo.)

Well, EJ simply could not and did not want to stop her having fun in creating havoc messing everything as it was such a cute sight.

Kenggy took many frequent short breaks to catch her breath, smoothen her 'out-of-place' furs as well as look at cartoons.

12 August 2012

Cinders' Say

We would like to thank all who sent countless warm comforting, encouraging wishes, thoughts, purrs, headbutts and woofs including graphics done with much love.

EJ could not locate Cinders' young photos but found some taken 10-15 years ago when EJ was a squatter in mom's home.

Cinders had cute, unique sleeping styles which was weird at times...

...and claimed whatever was EJ's, paper notes included.

She worshipped the morning sun. (Note her sagging belly!)

Of all places, between EJ's knees were her favourite.

When her cross-eyed brother, Cookie, was alive, they both were always together, resting or watching the world go by under the Jasmine tree.

After Cookie passed on, she sat on the table by the window looking out at the spot where Cookie was buried in the corner of the playground next to the house. (See arrow) 
There were times she would sit under the Jasmine tree alone to look at that spot or watch the world go by.

Cinders need not eye that spot anymore for she would be frolicking and resting with her Cookie always.
PS: Cinders laid on EJ's lap on the eve of her passing from afternoon through evening and night till 1am.
EJ played this music for her to listen daily when she was not well.