20 December 2020

Rehashed Bed!

A fan of cast iron cookware, our human bought a lighter version carbon steel pan for easier handling.

Pan came in a white box and instead of throwing it away, our human decided to rehash it into a bed for Winnie.
Padded extra soft with few old bath towels, it is up to Winnie to decide whether to accept it...

...she has never slept at other places since.

13 December 2020

Sleep Like a Rock?

Yesterday morning Winnie had a heavy breakfast of her favourite tuna.

She pawed and licked herself clean for a long time.
After which she slept...

...like a rock but more of a sweet potato, don't you think?

29 November 2020

No Jump!

Winnie had two bad days at the start of the week but is now eating.

She prefers wet food and turns up her nose at the expensive kibbles specially for senior cats bought from the veterinary clinic.

Since she does not jump up to the favourite top tier of the hard wood podium, two additional bedding of several folded towels were added on the floor.

For now, Winnie is doing reasonably well. 
Thank you all for boundless warm purrs and wishes.

22 November 2020

Good Days, Bad Days!

Day before yesterday, Winnie called softly at 4am.

Our human jumped up and asked, "Are you hungry? I'll give you food! Wait."
Immediately half sachet of tuna was warmed up with a little water.
Winnie ate!

Tried but could not go back to sleep, our human had a very early breakfast of coffee and cream crackers while watching world news on television.

Later that afternoon, Winnie called again and finished the remainder of tuna in the sachet.
chicken in broth

Her movements are not as feeble and seem a little stronger.
She is eating but each time given small amounts.

Let us hope bad days do not come soon.

PS: Thank you all for your encouraging warm wishes and comments.

15 November 2020

Feeling Feeble!

Earlier this week, Winnie lost her appetite and did not eat for a few days. 
She was quiet and lost some weight.
Our human went out and bought a can of tuna; mixed a spoonful of tuna with warm water and left it in front of Winnie.
When checked two hours later, it was licked clean. Feeling encouraged, our human mixed another spoonful of tuna and left it at the same spot. It, too, was cleaned out few hours later.

Winnie is eating again! She has visibly slowed down (Winnie's geriatric) and our human helped clean by wiping her down with damp cotton wool and combed as she started to smell slightly.

Lately she has started eating her kibbles.

The recent Deepavali or Diwali, Festival of Lights did not help. Our human covered Winnie's ears when loud firecrackers go off in the neighbourhood!

08 November 2020

New Trick!!

Winnie meowed loud...again! The meows are a little different from the 'toilet' ones.

Our human went to the MeowYard to check. All toilet trays were clean and found Winnie in this position waiting.

She demanded some combing and petting. Our human, of course, gave in to her ploy!

01 November 2020

Winnie's Watch!

Winnie meowed loud and long persistently.

Our human knows what that meow-call was for. It has been the habitual meow-calls since many years ago after toilet duties. Winnie's late roommates did that special meow-calls too.

Our human was amused when Winnie watched relaxed on the lower tier with crossed paws at the cleaning up. But by the time our human got the handphone, Winnie uncrossed her paws!

25 October 2020

Hot Days!

When it doesn't pour, the days are hot!

Winnie with her fur licked wet tried to rest in the shaded lower tier of the hard wood podium.

Our human, of course, took the opportunity to capture that weird sight.
Without warning, Winnie suddenly turned and gave a funny, shocked look!

If only we know what thoughts she might have!

11 October 2020

Plucky Winnie

Since manually sweeping and brushing the MeowYard will cause our human's sinus to act up, our human decided to use the vacuum a second time now.

The vacuum was used from a distance first and then slowly approached Winnie's perch.

Winnie did not budge and what can our human do? Vacuum Winnie!

What happened next shocked our human...and dropped everything to run for the handphone.

Armed with handphone in one hand and with the other holding the vacuum aimed at Winnie. Hard as it is to snap photos this way but this definitely had to be put on record. Most photos were blur and this is clearest of all.

27 September 2020

A Furry Visitor!

We had a visitor, a furry one.

Our human walked out to the porch and saw this furry visitor resting on the parapet outside the gate.

Unafraid, the visitor turned its battle-scarred face and looked. 
Our human decided to leave him alone, not wanting to touch as the tip of his ears looked like it has got mange.

20 September 2020

Brave Girl!

The vacuum has not been used for years as our late Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK would hiss and swipe at it. Our human would then get down on knees to manually clean.

Yesterday our human decided to use the vacuum to clean the hard to get corners and crevices.

And Winnie's reaction to the vacuum noise?

Winnie not bothered as vacuum was not switched on yet.

What's this funny thing with noise?

It's getting nearer and noisier!

Winnie walked off and allowed our human clean in peace.

13 September 2020

Kitty Magnet!

Since March when we had a lockdown due to the virus, our human minimised going out. And only venture out to get essentials at the nearest mini mart.

Though a little relaxed now, our human still take precautions and only goes to get groceries at that same mini mart a walking distance from home.

A new resident cat came to welcome our human but our human (standing with legs apart) was trying to avoid to come in contact with it. That kitty isn't exactly healthy as its fur had some bald patches. Our human was so afraid to carry any disease or sickness it may have back to Winnie.

Stay safe everyone.

06 September 2020

Still Hot!

The days are still hot.

Our human found Winnie seeking out cool spots and resting in a most unladylike fashion.

Armed with the handphone in stealth mode, our human tried to capture that scene but Winnie's keen hearing picked up the soft clickings. She turned, got up and started to walk towards our human. Photos were blurred.

30 August 2020

It's Hot, Hot, Hot!

Weather has been incredibly hot these days. And wearing a permanent fur coat is certainly of no help.

To help cool Winnie in hot afternoons, our human wiped Winnie down with a wet towel and then fine-tooth comb her (black handle of comb can be seen near Winnie).

But Winnie could not wait and proceeded to lick herself probably she felt a little uneasy to have her fur ruffled by our human.

23 August 2020

Just Checking!

Each time our human comes to the MeowYard to clean, wherever and whatever Winnie is doing (except her toilet duties of course), she will instantly get into this position on her personal scratching pad and observe!

Our human finds it amusing and will always try to do the cleaning chores as long as it takes.

16 August 2020

Holding Up

Winnie loves her new resting spot and our human found her holding up one of the support pillars of the hardwood 2-level podium.

09 August 2020

New Resting Spot

Wanting to change Winnie's bedding but not wanting to disturb that fussy sleeper, our human left the towelling bedding on the bottom deck.

When our human next came out to the MeowYard to do some cleaning, this was the sight!

02 August 2020

Caught Napping!

It was a sunny afternoon.

Wanting to cool MeowYard for Winnie, our human wanted to wet mop the tiled floor and saw Winnie sleeping in a sunspot.

Of course, unable to resist, our human grabbed the handphone and started clicking...

...and woke Winnie up!
She changed position and gave our human a look!

Our human could not exactly make out what her look said.
What do you think?

26 July 2020

Oh No!

Our human is at it again!
Let me try to cover my face.

19 July 2020


Our human politely asked for a selfie shot.

She obliged!

12 July 2020


Winnie got manicured and pedicured by our human.

She was rather unwilling when younger but now in her geriatric years, Winnie is cooperative though at times she gave our human a side-eye.

05 July 2020

Monster Drool

Just like before Winnie drools when she's happy!

Our human combed her using a fine tooth comb and Winnie started drooling. Of course our human always try to avoid the drools. 

Trying to capture those drooling moments and contorting the body to avoid them, our human accidently deleted all photos except one!

28 June 2020

A Proper Clean-Up

No, Winnie is not sleeping.

She is busy cleaning herself. So busy that she did not pay much attention to our human but kept licking and licking. And this is the very reason why these photos are blur.

21 June 2020

Reluctant Short Break

We were quiet last weekend as we had some internet issues.
Luckily it has been solved and so glad that we are back.

07 June 2020

Now We Know!

For some time, our human was perplexed as to why Winnie kept resting at this particular corner of her MeowRoom.

It was only recently it dawned on our human that at this particular angle Winnie could 'spy' on what our human is doing in the hall.
As you can see the TV is on the left and Winnie's silhouette at her MeowRoom GrillDoor.

Now we know!

31 May 2020

Deserving Treat!

Winnie called and loud!

Our human went to check and saw one kibble left on the stainless steel bowl.
Now Winnie deserved a treat for meowing loud and was promptly given chicken which was eagerly wolfed down.

24 May 2020

New Resting Spot

Our human panicked when Winnie was not seen in her usual resting area and started to look at all her numerous resting spots.

Winnie must have watched our human's desperate search and the thought probably crossed her mind, "here we go again; our human is acting funny!"

Our human was relieved to see Winnie at the MeowRoom corner and promptly placed a pair of old cotton shorts for her.

17 May 2020

Winnie the Critique?

Our human was mopping the MeowYard and washing three litter trays yesterday. 
Winnie was watching the whole process with a critical eye as usual and our human decided to snap a photo of that 'critical look'.

And believed that this is a displeased one. What do you see?

04 May 2020


We had a long heavy thunderstorm last Sunday that caused our home electricity to trip. 
Weather is uncertain these days. One minute the sun was shining strong, the next dark clouds loomed and started pouring.

The best thing to do is rest at home.

19 April 2020

Winnie the Enchantress?

Take a look at the picture below where Winnie is resting on the floor.

Something seems odd; the stainless steel bowl of kitty kibbles is on the wall and the kibbles are defying gravity.

It was a hot afternoon, too hot for Winnie for her afternoon siesta in the MeowYard. She walked in to her MeowRoom to find the coolest spot. And decided that this was the best 'coolest' position - legs and tail on the wall.

12 April 2020

Sleeping It Off

Winnie says her life has changed a little lately. 

She has been getting more canned food like tuna and roasted chicken.

Our human has gotten almost a dozen of kitty canned food to help make the special kibbles last longer to get through the lockdown we are having.

And what best to deal with a full belly after downing a whole can of such treat?

Sleeping it off, of course!

Stay safe everyone.

05 April 2020


Winnie called persistently.

Our human went to her MeowYard and found that Winnie had used her toilet. So like an obedient slave, our human brought in the basket of cleaning stuff and proceeded to clean.

Here is Winnie hawk-eyed watching whether the cleaning process is done properly.

15 March 2020

Winnie the Perfect Model

She was patient laying perfectly still, staring blankly posing for our human.

Our human was happy clicking away using the handphone and this was the best shot.
If only we knew what went on and what thoughts were between those ears!

Shall we guess?!