25 August 2013

Attack of the Monsters from Head to Toe

EJ managed to get this one (out of many shots) that shows proof of being attacked on the head. Guess who's this monster?

The foot was not spared either. Guess who?

11 August 2013

Captain One Tooth!

Weakening gums and loosing teeth is one of the many signs of aging in human. It is the same in animals.

EJ knows that since all the cats here are seniors and geriatric, their fangs have elongated but never imagine one without teeth.

Imagine the surprise and disbelief at discovering Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK without his front teeth, top and bottom that EJ simply have to share that discovery.

After snapping the photo below, EJ realised Captain Jack does have one tooth, not counting the fangs. Can you see it?

Captain Jack refused to open his mouth for another shot.

Now doesn't he resemble a mandrill baboon?

PS: EJ believes Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's hard life in his younger days when he was a stray contributed partly to his weak gums and loss of teeth.

04 August 2013

Remembering Cinders and How to Look for Signs that the End is Near

It has been a year. Cinders would have been 19 last week if she were alive.

Being a geriatric cat, there were many changes in her life, physically and mentally. When the end gets nearer there are a number of subtle signs displayed.

In her last few years, she was less active and moving slower, preferring to rest on top of the chair or podium watching her younger roommates interact. She could no longer spring up from lying position. Perhaps she was feeling the effects of arthritis.

Then her eyesight deteriorated and became disorientated. She relied on touch and hearing, and began walking along walls ending up stuck in small gaps and spaces. To prevent that, EJ put thick books, dictionaries and plastic containers between cupboards, next to the refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

The disorientation moments advanced to dementia.

In her last few months, her vet detected low body temperature and advised to keep her warm.

She did not use the litter box and had to wear diapers. Her water bowl was elevated to make it easier for her to drink.

During her last few weeks, she refused to eat, drink and take her medication. Breathing was difficult.

Cinders just clamped her mouth shut on that pill and refused to swallow. That weird reflection in her eyes indicate total blindness.

We hope this post will bring awareness to friends, readers to help better prepare and ease senior pets on the final leg of their life's journey.