28 April 2024


Our human's hand was bandaged and could not blog.
Recovered a lot now but typing is slow as the fingers are still swollen and could not straighten nor bend to hold a fist.
At first our human thought this particular dog was having his morning walk with his owner. 
Few months passed, his owner was never seen and that dog with a collar became thinner; it then dawned on our human that it could be lost or abandoned. 
When the dog's ribs were visibly seen, our human decided to give it the two small sachets of wet food in the backpack. In a hurry to squeeze as fast and as much food, some got smeared on the hand.
He was so very, very hungry!
After being bitten, our human went straight to the doctor who wanted to stitch the wounds but our human opted for skin glue to close the wound.
Our human still feed that dog on chance meet with lots of dog biscuits and each time he finished every single biscuit.
It was heart-rending when our human saw that dog being chased and bullied by a pack of strays!