24 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK simply refused to wear the Santa hat to pose for a shoot.

Our human tried the next best, Santa head band, to which Captain Jack pushed it down and stuck his tongue out in retaliation.

Tanya, however, wore it beautifully on her fat rump!

With Pebble needing constant attention, our human only put up simple decorations on a secion of Pebble's barricade. Here's Captain Jack eyeing Pebble with Winnie on the top shelf and Tanya resting on the floor.

We wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!

And thank you all for your encouraging and comforting words, wishes and prayers.

19 December 2014

Striving To Keep Clean

Pebble drools a lot. 

She do not know how to clean herself, and becomes a mess after trying to eat or after feeding. (Our human syringe feed her at times when she could not eat properly.) Her long fur makes it worse.

Our human dared not give her a bath for fear that it may worsen her condition and can only wipe her regularly followed by blow dry with a hair dryer. Perhaps a hair trim will help keeping clean easier.

A pretty Pebble (to our human) resting and staring blankly (blindly) with awkwardly placed limbs.

This was caught at the start of her toppling sideways. Note her drool-soaked snout.

09 December 2014

Pebble Struggles On

EJ wanted to give the kitties a treat and gave them chicken instead of the usual canned tuna.

Meowing loudly, Pebble wobbled to her dish, got down clumsily and dipped her head down. Notice that her water and food bowls are put in corners so that the bowls would stay better in place to Pebble's flailing limbs.

But Pebble did not eat. She could not. The excitement triggered a seizure and she stayed in that position mouth in bowl.

Once EJ found Pebble doing a head stand in the food bowl with her body up and balanced in the corner. Our human did not mean to be cruel but laughed first before rescuing Pebble. Good thing it was just kibbles.

09 November 2014

Trails and Tribulations

Ever since Pebble is permanently confined to her personal suite over two months ago, she had her own water and food bowl.

EJ noticed Pebble spent a long time squatting at the water bowl and went down on the floor to peep. Pebble could not reach down to drink water and was licking air. EJ got this really flat stone from the garden to elevate the water bowl so Pebble could drink. 

Last week when EJ was giving out canned tuna, all the cats would call as usual while waiting patiently for it. Pebble, too, joined in and called.

Pebble took one bite of tuna from her elevated bowl and promptly fell over. She had a mild seizure from the excitement of eating.

EJ was horrified to hear the thud of Pebble's bones hitting hard on the tiled floor, immediately removed the stones, and the water and food bowls were put back on the floor.

Not giving up, Pebble ate lying there. EJ helped by rolling the tuna like mini sushi rolls to handfeed her. She finished the tuna with fish bits all over her and the floor. Pebble could not and cannot clean herself.

At times, Pebble had seizures during urination and defecation. She would have that weird concentration look on her face and would fall over with all her four legs stiff in the air. Finding that position comical, EJ sometimes would laugh and sad at the same time.

30 October 2014

Who Done It?

EJ was surprised to see loose sisal ropes hanging from the kitty boardwalk. The sisal rope used is very long and there is no joining at that point.

The kitties could not possibly use a knife or scissors. So what happened? And who did it?

A few days later, EJ happened to walk past the meowroom door and saw this. The culprit at work chewing and clawing the rope.

Well, EJ is wondering what to do on how best to mend or change it and appreciate suggestions.

13 October 2014

Happy Today

Last few weeks, our human felt pressured and was exhausted.

Pebble was really not doing well. She could not eat or drink and had to be on assisted feeding.

Today, this morning, Pebble wailed loud and clear.
She was hungry even after her 'syringed' breakfast of mashed kibble gruel.

Our human brought out a cupful of kibbles, shaking it to let Pebble hear and dropped it noisily on to her stainless steel bowl. Pebble wobbled unsteadily towards that noise, dropped her nose awkwardly on to the kibbles and attempted to eat. She tried and tried. She was at it for a long time. Kibbles were thrown all over the floor. Our human was happy!

This photo shows that Pebble was unfazed by the camera flash and stared unblinking into it which proves she is absolutely blind. Her little cardboard cave has just been changed to a newer one.

PS: Don't you love her cute colourful diapers?

30 September 2014

Respiratory Droplets or Water?

It was a hot afternoon.

To cool the Meowyard for the kitties, EJ walked in to wet-mop the tiled floor and spied tiny droplets on Winnie's muzzle furs who was resting nonchalantly.

Wanting to share this cute moment, you should have seen how EJ moved stealthily out of the Meowyard but once in the house proper the mad dash to grab the camera.

Could these droplets be her saliva after a satisfying sneeze or water splashed from the drinking bowl?

26 September 2014

Pebble's Tests

This is how Pebble looks after a DIY bad hair cut in her rear (see red arrow) with a tiny scissors by our human. It makes cleaning a lot easier after she soil her diapers.

Pebble is wearing diapers on a permanent basis and confined to her personal suite at all times for her safety.

Last week she underwent a thorough check-up, blood tests as well as radiography on her chest and abdomen. All results were fine except that she is completely blind. So the conclusion that her attacks of paralysis and seizure were due to neurological disorders.

Our 16-year-old matriarch, Tanya, too, was down last week with an infected bladder. Still on medication, she has recovered and back to her haughty self.

PS: Kenggy has passed on.

31 August 2014

Hello, We're Back

Hi everyone, says Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK on behalf of all us!

We would like to thank all of you who constantly thought of us and wished us well.

Pebble has not been well lately and is still on medication for her bad gum problems. Lately she had some attacks of paralysis. Our human is observing and making daily records on the frequency and seriousness of the attack.

To make Pebble less messy and more comfortable, our human decided two days ago to let her wear diapers. Now Pebble spend the nights in her private suite and days with her roommates in the meowyard.

07 July 2014

Taking a Break

Our human is taking a break and will be back in August.

08 June 2014

She Cannot Walk

Kenggy could not move her swollen limb. She moves only when necessary by dragging her lifeless swollen pawless left forelimb. 

In spite of this, she observe her cleanliness and does her toilet in the tray without any spillage.

She has to eat lying down like this. 

Her appetite is gradually getting less and is getting weaker.

02 June 2014

Sleeping on Her Back

She does not rest or sleep like a normal cat anymore. She sleeps on her back belly up.

The numerous growths richly supplied with fragile arteries (that could burst and bleed anytime) on her chest forced her to rest in this position.

These growths has spread to her left forelimb causing it to swell more than double its size.

Kenggy moves much slower now and walking has become more laborious. Being such a fastidious cat, she still grooms though there are many areas she could not reach. So EJ helps out in cleaning using a damp cotton wool. 

And Kenggy would purr and purr...loudly.

18 May 2014

Still The Favourite Toy

These days Kenggy does not move much; more cancer growths has developed and advancing up the chest towards her left pawless forelimb.

She still plays with her favourite old battered much-loved toy.

Kenggy eyeing her tattered hedgehog.

"I've got it under my (invisible) paw...

...but I love my human more!" says Kenggy as she abandoned her toy and struggled to move towards EJ.

PS: Though EJ cleans Kenggy's wounds twice daily, Kenggy goes to her vet for check-up and thorough cleaning fortnightly.

29 April 2014

Captain Jack's Stylish New Look?

No, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK did not go to the groomers and is not sporting part of that famous Lion cut.

Both his front limbs were shaved to enable an IV tube to be inserted. He was hospitalised for a few days due to urinary problems and came home last weekend. 

He looked so pitiful on his back under anesthesia on the cold stainless steel table with the IV tube in his forelimb and another tube inserted in his urethra to help drain his bladder.

After his ordeal and away stay, Captain Jack is happy to be home.
His urine is still bloody and he is still 'squatting' straining to urinate regularly but not as often as before.

PS: Our human is fast becoming a zombie caring for both Captain Jack and Kenggy including pilling them.

06 April 2014

Permitted Stealing?

Due to Kenggy's limited time, she is always given everything extra, treats and petting. The rest of the gang get a little less.

Winnie eyeing in full concentration at Kenggy's chicken treats in the dish which could not be finished at one go...

...and decided to 'steal' right under Kenggy's nose!

Guess Kenggy allowed it as Winnie entertains her by pawing her tail. 

This is the only way they could play as Kenggy could no longer run, jump or play like normal cats do.

30 March 2014

New Bed for Kenggy

EJ has been wondering why Kenggy do not climb up to sleep or rest on the soft bed in her personal suite. She always sleep on the tiled floor.

One day Kenggy somehow hobbled out of her personal suite, stood and stared at the stairs. It was then it dawned on EJ that Kenggy could no longer climb up or down. Probably her cancer growth wound hurt too much to do so.

EJ went on a hunt again, this time for an old pair of shorts and some thin sponges to put together a new bed for Kenggy.

When presented to her, Kenggy sniffed and sniffed and then plop down. Since then, she uses the new bed all the time.

16 March 2014

Kenggy's Cancer Update

Her daily bleeding for 50 days worries EJ.

EJ took Kenggy to the vet yesterday. 
Kenggy was a good girl during examination. She laid still on her back fully exposing her belly to be shaved for easier cleaning and dressing.

The picture below may be unpleasant to some viewers. It shows the before and after cleaning. (The picture is purposedly not enhanced and made smaller.)

Her cancer is ferocious. Another small bleeding lump appeared above this main one which may not be seen here. A big lump could be felt higher up near the 'armpit'. Though Kenggy is eating normal, she lost weight.

EJ will continue the daily cleaning and dressing. Kenggy is also given iron and folic acid supplements for her anemia.

We thank all for sending so many purrs, wishes and prayers.

09 March 2014

Kenggy use Underpads

Our human was shocked to see the amount of blood, foul-smelling pus and fluid on Kenggy's home-made singlet and decided that something had to be done.

Well, to be honest, EJ did think about using sanitary pad but decided against it as the size do not match.

The first pad EJ made was using plastic sheet, gauze and cotton wool sewn on to Kenggy' singlet.

It worked well but was a tad bulky and thought perhaps underpads or disposable bed pads cut to size may work. And so the cutting and sewing began. 

It worked extremely well. Here is how it looks.

The blue arrow shows the corner of the pad peeking out of Kenggy's singlet.

We thank all you friends wishing Kenggy well and may not be able to visit as often as we wish. Our human has to keep on cutting and sewing more pads and singlets.

16 February 2014

Keeping Tabs on Pebble and Kenggy

Pebble had an evaluation check-up last week and received another steroid injection for her oral problems. She seems well and eating but the weigh-in showed she did not gain weight as expected.

Her vet advised EJ to monitor Pebble closely including her urine output.

Kenggy has accepted wearing clothes, so there are no more horrifying blood smears on the floor. Kenggy's singlet do have some fluid stains.

EJ is happy and now has a new hobby sort of – making pet singlets out of old T-shirts.

08 February 2014

Singlet for Kenggy

When Kenggy's bleeding lump dried-up, EJ was happy and thought that things would go well. 

Kenggy started bleeding again...from the same lump. This made EJ think hard on what best to do and thought that perhaps pet clothes may help. EJ remembered that 10 years ago, mom sewn two small singlets out of EJ's old cotton T-shirt for the late Tommy.

It kicked off a frenzied search and found it.

Washed and sun-dried, EJ put it on Kenggy who protested a bit.

She looks like a piglet here.

Kenggy giving her unapproving annoyed look.

Noticing that it was a tad tight around Kenggy's fat belly perhaps making her uncomfortable, EJ folded the bottom of the singlet higher up to Kenggy's chest.

It did the trick. Kenggy seemed happier and slept. Can you see the wound fluid stain on the singlet?

EJ will wait a few more days to see whether it is helping. After wearing the singlet, Kenggy joins her roommates during the day and back to her personal suite at night.

01 February 2014

Seeing Red on Lunar New Year Day 2014

Pebble had oral problems. She had it before in 2012.

Two weeks ago, not wanting Pebble to be stressed, EJ drove alone to the vet and got a week's supply of antibiotics pills.

When Pebble did not recover after finishing that course of antibiotics, she had to be seen by her doctor, a day before the clinic close for Lunar New Year. She was given a steroid injection and a different liquid antibiotics.

Traffic was really bad going to and back from the clinic. Perhaps it was the New Year shopping. 

Somehow EJ finds pilling the cat much easier than giving liquid antibiotics with a syringe. Pebble kept spitting it out shaking her head sideways. The injection was effective and Pebble is recovering well and eating properly. Luckily there is no medication for Kenggy right now.

Kenggy drools in her sleep and EJ changed her bedding cover using an old T-shirt. 

Just as EJ was about to eat dinner, Kenggy called. And as usual, EJ would drop everything and check on Kenggy.

EJ saw red!

On Lunar New Year day, red is associated with luck, prosperity and believed to ward away evil. It is a traditionally symbolic colour of happiness.

But EJ was horrified to see this red! The soiled floor was quickly cleaned up and then lined with paper.

One of the lumps was bleeding. EJ gently cleaned the wound.
Pet pad has now replaced that soiled T-shirt cover on Kenggy's bed.

These three busybodies (Tanya, Pebble and Captain Jack; guess there's no space for Winnie) lined up to check out what the commotion was about.

20 January 2014

Extra Love for Kenggy

Like all her roommates, Kenggy sleeps like this in the MeowYard.

Lately she prefers to sleep in corners.

Last Saturday night she kept growling at her roommates who approached or walked near her. It went on for quite a while. Couldn't take it any longer though rather late into the night, EJ quickly set up Kenggy's private suite and placed her there. 

She was happy; she stretched out, wriggled on her back and cleaned herself.

Early yesterday morning, Sunday, EJ drove to the clinic to discuss about Kenggy's numerous growing lumps. It was concluded that another operation would put her life in jeopardy.

The best thing to do for Kenggy now is to give her extra love and make her happy.

Kenggy's personal suite is exactly the same as the one she used after her operation. You can view it here.