31 July 2022


This was supposed to be for last Sunday but was not posted as we had a long, heavy thunderstorm that caused several electrical trips.
Our human did not want to take any risks.
Since it was cooler, Winnie loafed her afternoon away.

17 July 2022

Upholding the 'Pillar'?

Not sure why Winnie loves getting in this position like she is upholding and supporting one of the legs of her tropical hardwood podium.
This podium is sturdy and heavy; our human has climbed up and stood on it on many occasions. 
Hmmm, perhaps Winnie wants to look 'helpful'?

10 July 2022

The Move

Yes, Winnie moved house!
She has moved to the Lower Tier of the tropical hardwood 'Podium' in her MeowYard and rests there all the time.
Guess it feels cooler there than on the Top Tier during the recent hot weather spell.
But it makes it harder for our human to wipe and comb her as our human have to sort of half-squat to be at that level.
Well, our human may soon have lovelier legs when leg muscles get more toned as a result!