27 April 2010

Tommy's Spread

Those who have access to internet got so used to it that when internet access is completely cut off for a period, you sort of feel a sense of isolation and detachment.

EJ experienced this lately and thus the silence. To keep busy, EJ went through some stuff and found an old photograph of Tommy taken years ago during one of the many visits before he adopted EJ.

Read this if you want to know how Tommy adopted EJ.

This is how Tommy looks now!

06 April 2010

Boxes to Box?

During the Lunar New Year, EJ was given a box of mandarin oranges.

Before discarding the box, EJ decided to let the cats enjoy it.

The cats jumped in when only the cover was placed.

Tortie quickly claimed the cover while Tanya sat on the bottom piece of the box. Tommy could not make up his mind which box to jump in.

Even Kenggy explored - slowly.

Pebble, too, came and sniffed at both boxes.

And finally, Tommy got his chance in the box.
The boxes, both top and bottom, have since been thrown away as it was much abused and almost shredded to pieces.

02 April 2010

Cabbit Cookie?

"On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer."
- Douglas Horton

EJ could not find the right bunny ears for the late Cookie but...a cute little tail attracts a lot of attention....

Here's to wishing you peace, love and happiness always.