30 July 2010

Noël's Day in Office

Continued from previous post when Noel was found

Because EJ's office was a distance from home, EJ always left early. With an hour before starting work, EJ had a favourite stall to have breakfast usually thosai (which is vegetarian) and a glass of coffee (to fully wake up) and sometimes a slice of fruit.

While waiting for breakfast to arrive, EJ placed that tiny plastic aquarium with Noel inside on the table. Gradually the table was surrounded by happy smiling faces who muttered, "So cute! So tiny!"

The second EJ saw colleagues who worked in the same section, EJ asked for their cooperation not to mention Noel to the immediate working superior who dislike animals especially cats.

It was a stressful day for EJ.

Noel was a good boy. Placed at EJ's foot under the working table, Noel slept blissfully without making a sound.

Feeding time was during lunch hour. When the immediate working superior left for lunch, EJ's colleagues told EJ to switch off all lights and lock the glass door to indicate that all were out for lunch, and there's no one inside. That was exactly what EJ did and then crawled under the table to bottle feed as well as clean Noel.

Washing the milk bottle was done in the toilet on a different floor to avoid questions asked and thus the news carried back.

The day went with Noel and colleagues cooperating their fullest but EJ's nerves was a wreck, and decided against bringing Noel to office again.

EJ turned Noel's feeding time upside down. It would be sleeping time for Noel when EJ was at work and regular feeding at night when human sleep. EJ has done that with previous cats and they grew up well. So it wasn't the first time EJ moved like a zombie in office!

Weekend came. EJ took both mother Pebble for the after-spaying check-up and baby Noel for his first check-up.

Since Noel was outdoor, he could have picked up worms and parasites. His vet advised to give deworming paste for three consecutive days that resulted in Noel messing himself a lot for four consecutive days. EJ had to clean him constantly. Noel lost weight. His vet also found fleas. Medication or spray could not be used on him because he was so young; his vet got rid of it manually.

Noel started to grow and won many hearts. To show his love, Noel kneaded EJ with his tiny paws and even purred! EJ could not believe kittens at such a young age could display such actions and placed Noel close to EJ's mom's ear to confirm the purring. EJ's mom was just as thrilled as EJ on hearing it.

EJ was a happy zombie!

Here is Noel on his favourite pink teddy given by EJ's friend Tony and his wife Sally.

To continue on Tuesday on Noel Learns to Walk

27 July 2010

Noël 25 December 2005

Continuation on Pebble's baby from this post where Pebble introduced her newborn to EJ.

Appointment for Pebble's check-up and spaying operation was on Saturday morning. That afternoon EJ made her cage more comfortable for her recuperation.

The next day on Sunday afternoon, EJ's brother told EJ that he saw some children playing with a tiny white kitten in the playground and later threw it under the coconut tree growing outside the neighbour's house opposite.

Immediately EJ dashed out to look under the tree and to the left and right of it. There was none. Every inch of the huge drain beside it was also scrutinised. With dark clouds looming above, EJ had to find the kitten as it will not survive the downpour. EJ's brother came out to help look but there was no sign of the kitten. Then he mentioned that perhaps it was picked up by the owner of that house.

With that EJ forgot all manners and walked right in. Luckily EJ's mom was in that house that time enjoying herself playing mahjong with the house's owner and relatives. EJ tried to be as casual as possible asked, "Ma, did you see a white kitten outside under the tree?". Not wanting to be interrupted too much in the mahjong play and without looking up, the house owner replied, "In the pail on the table at the porch!".

EJ looked into the pail, picked up the kitten and checked.

Yes! This was the very kitten Pebble gave!

The sudden downpour started.

Placing the kitten under the T-shirt, with shoulders and back hunched forward to shield the kitten from the rain, EJ ran home. Though a short distance across the road, EJ was drenched but the kitten was dry and warm.

Once home, the kitten was placed in a cardboard box lined with EJ's old T-shirt. EJ started digging out the milk bottle for small animals used previously to bottle feed abandoned newborn kittens.

Since he was born on 25 December 2005, EJ named him Noël. It is of French origin, and the meaning of Noël is "Christmas".

Less than a week old and without Pebble's milk, this was how small Noel was. The green thing placed beside for comparison is EJ's reading glasses case. His eyes were not opened yet and ears just flaps.

The next day was a working day. In order to feed Noel, EJ decided to take him to work and gathered all his stuff in a backpack. Noel was placed in that same tiny plastic aquarium and then in a hand-held paper bag.

Travel during morning rush hour in a train was packed with only standing room. Everything went fine till Noel decided to give a tiny squeak. The young lady standing beside EJ glared very hard at EJ. And continued glaring. Perhaps she thought EJ belched or let out air from the other end.

EJ decided to make her day, whispered and showed her Noel. Immediately she warmed up, smiled and her whole body softened.

To continue on Friday on Noel in office.

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23 July 2010

Wonky Tanya

When still working, EJ read and reviewed this book.

Tanya had other ideas. EJ caught her walking all over this book and managed to capture only this one evidence.

20 July 2010

Pebble is Better

Thank you all for healing purrs and hugs.

Pebble has improved and do not need any medication. She has put on a bit of weight as she can eat. Her teeth still has tartar including gingivitis. EJ and vet discussed on various methods how best to help Pebble. It was decided that Pebble is to chew on a crunchy diet. If that does not help loosen the tartar, then it would be removed by scaling which could only be done at the clinic under anaesthesia.

Those brown stains can be seen clearly in this picture at the corner of her mouth. All that has cleared now.

In last Tuesday's post, there was a link as to how Pebble came to EJ. At the end there was a postscript saying that her baby Noel was found. EJ searched for the photos and found it.

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13 July 2010

Pebble, a Senior Cat?

Pebble was losing weight.

EJ carried Pebble up and saw that the area surrounding her lips had brown stains. While trying to look at that mess, EJ got a whiff of Pebble's breath. It smelt bad. This meant something was not right. EJ contacted the vet to make an appointment for the next day.

It turned out that Pebble's gums have receded and got infected. Receding gums occur in older cats. Not knowing Pebble's age as she was rescued from the street (which can be read here), EJ always thought Pebble was younger than the rest.

Pebble was given an injection and two types of antibiotic pills to take for nine days. Two weeks ago, an evaluation on her condition was done. Her health has improved and had gain a bit of weight as she could eat again. Since she has not fully recovered, another injection was given. In two days, she will be going for another follow-up evaluation.

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06 July 2010

Maple Leaf of Love

EJ's brother and wife came back for a visit which explains for less postings and blog visits.

This time another interesting personally hand-woven wristband by EJ's niece, Erin, was given. The design is Maple Leaf, the symbol of Canadian identity. Instead of red, it was white on blue.

Cinders modelled the first wristband given last year and can be read here.

EJ picked Kenggy to model this time as the white on blue would stand out on her calico fur. Kenggy, rotund as she is, that wristband had to be an arm band for Kenggy as her neck is too thick for the band to go round.

She did not like it on her forelimb and tried to bite it off. As usual she sat perfectly balanced on her rear, held the band with her pawless front limbs and chewed it.

After having chewed enough and when Kenggy was completely relaxed, EJ placed the band on Kenggy's head like a headband. She looked rather pretty, don't you think?

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