30 July 2010

Noël's Day in Office

Continued from previous post when Noel was found

Because EJ's office was a distance from home, EJ always left early. With an hour before starting work, EJ had a favourite stall to have breakfast usually thosai (which is vegetarian) and a glass of coffee (to fully wake up) and sometimes a slice of fruit.

While waiting for breakfast to arrive, EJ placed that tiny plastic aquarium with Noel inside on the table. Gradually the table was surrounded by happy smiling faces who muttered, "So cute! So tiny!"

The second EJ saw colleagues who worked in the same section, EJ asked for their cooperation not to mention Noel to the immediate working superior who dislike animals especially cats.

It was a stressful day for EJ.

Noel was a good boy. Placed at EJ's foot under the working table, Noel slept blissfully without making a sound.

Feeding time was during lunch hour. When the immediate working superior left for lunch, EJ's colleagues told EJ to switch off all lights and lock the glass door to indicate that all were out for lunch, and there's no one inside. That was exactly what EJ did and then crawled under the table to bottle feed as well as clean Noel.

Washing the milk bottle was done in the toilet on a different floor to avoid questions asked and thus the news carried back.

The day went with Noel and colleagues cooperating their fullest but EJ's nerves was a wreck, and decided against bringing Noel to office again.

EJ turned Noel's feeding time upside down. It would be sleeping time for Noel when EJ was at work and regular feeding at night when human sleep. EJ has done that with previous cats and they grew up well. So it wasn't the first time EJ moved like a zombie in office!

Weekend came. EJ took both mother Pebble for the after-spaying check-up and baby Noel for his first check-up.

Since Noel was outdoor, he could have picked up worms and parasites. His vet advised to give deworming paste for three consecutive days that resulted in Noel messing himself a lot for four consecutive days. EJ had to clean him constantly. Noel lost weight. His vet also found fleas. Medication or spray could not be used on him because he was so young; his vet got rid of it manually.

Noel started to grow and won many hearts. To show his love, Noel kneaded EJ with his tiny paws and even purred! EJ could not believe kittens at such a young age could display such actions and placed Noel close to EJ's mom's ear to confirm the purring. EJ's mom was just as thrilled as EJ on hearing it.

EJ was a happy zombie!

Here is Noel on his favourite pink teddy given by EJ's friend Tony and his wife Sally.

To continue on Tuesday on Noel Learns to Walk


Jacqueline said...

Noel is a precious sweetheart and EJ has the kindest heart to nurture and care for him so much...This loving story keeps me wanting to hear more...Happy Friday beautiful friends...xo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

lupie said...


Pebble's little one?
Noel is lovely!!
I am sure you felt like floating on heaven when he purred and kneaded on ya...

Lova ya!

Office chair said...

It is great sharing and really your day was great in office that we can understand from your post. If we have fresh environment and comfortable chair in our office then our day will be success automatically because it gives us energy to work nicely.

Old Kitty said...

Awww Noel and Pebbles' stories are so heartwrenching and so heartwarming too!! I'm just so glad you were there to rescue them! What a day in the office though! But Noel was just exemplary - being all quiet and lovely! Well done you and Noel and Pebbles!

Take care

Kea said...

This is such a wonderful and heart-warming story! We're looking forward to part 3!

Marg said...

EJ, you are just so great to take such good care of Noel. What a lucky kittie he is. He is so very cute. Have a great week end.

Annie Bear said...

I'm so happy to read more about Noel. I just love this story! EJ is so wonderful to give up her rest to take care of Noel, especially when having long days at work. I can imagine how stressful it must have been to have him at work knowing the trouble she could have had with her boss. I wish more were like her. I love Noel with his pink teddy.

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

Andy here......I'm enjoying Noel's story so much....it takes me back to my beginnings.....mama found me before I could walk and saved my life as EJ saved your life.....aren't our mamas the best!!!!!!!

meowmeowmans said...

What a great story. We are looking forward to the conclusion! :)


Oh we are loving Noel's story and we can't wait until the next installment!

What a darling!



Gattina said...

What an adventure to raise little Noel ! I can imagine that you were on your blank nerves during office time !

Boom Nisanart said...

EJ, This is a heart warming story. While I read I smile along the way. And Noel is a wonderful kid,I think he knew what mum is up to. Thank you to share this to us : )