19 September 2021

After a Thunderstorm

What's best to do after a thunderstorm? Rest and sleep of course, says Winnie.
It stopped after two hours and the sky brightened. Too bright to sleep and so covering the eyes helps!

PS: Could not blog last week due to house electricity tripped from thunderstorm.

05 September 2021

All Paws Crossed!

Ever since Winnie had that habit of changing her snoopervising office constantly, our human checked her on a regular basis...and two days ago, saw a sight never seen before.
You should have seen how our septuagenarian human move with such speed to grab the handphone to immortalise that sight!
All paws crossed; right fore paw over left fore paw, over right hind paw over left hind paw!
And look at Winnie's face! Wonder what she is thinking?