29 May 2022

Keep Cool

Weather has been strange. It was scorching hot and when it rained, it poured suddenly causing flash floods.
It was one of those scorching hot afternoon when Winnie was lazing in the MeowYard trying to cool off.
And do twisting the body like this make you feel cooler?

22 May 2022

Smiling Nap

Tiptoeing to check on Winnie napping, our human noticed that there was a smile on Winnie's face.
Was Winnie really smiling or was it our human's imagination?

15 May 2022

Warm Dreams!

Our human found Winnie sleeping in a sunbeam spot at her usual place in the MeowYard.
Her twitching whiskers indicated she was dreaming. Perhaps sleeping in that sunbeam spot gave her nice dreams.
May you all have nice happy dreams!

08 May 2022

Propping Paw

Our human found Winnie sleeping in a rather cute position with one paw propping her chin.
It is definitely a plus that Winnie could not hear well when our human made a mad dash for the handphone and then back snapping away before Winnie's feline built-in survival instinct kicked in to awake.

01 May 2022

Leak Exhibited!

No necessity for words to describe.
She definitely leaks; see arrow.
Psst, our human sometimes is wickedly mischievous!