26 November 2023

Give some Love and Happiness

Not sure about her past, this extremely timid neutered stray earlier had a number of wounds at her rump. 
Guessed she was attacked by another group of strays. The shallow wounds healed but a couple of deep ones did not.
The next day our human brought along a bottle of antiseptic lotion from home to drip on the deep wounds and managed to distract her so she would not lick it off. Those wounds started to heal.
She then became more trusting of our human and absolutely love stomach rubs. Our human blurred her markings here to prevent some not-so-animal-loving humans from recognising and reporting her to authorities to catch for possible euthanization.

19 November 2023

Cicada Shell

Our human was happy to see this cicada shell that seemed to glow with the morning sun on the tree trunk.

It is not often seen as we get sudden heavy downpours accompanied with lightning and thunder that happens daily in our tropical climate. 

The heavy rain usually wash whatever is on leaves and tree trunks.

12 November 2023

Bug in Pink?

It was just after the dawn brief drizzle, perfect for a morning walk with air so fresh and cool.
From the corner of the eye, our human was aware of some unusually bright colour on a leaf and went closer for a better look.
It was such a lovely bright pink in contrast to the healthy green leaf!
Googled it at home, it was pink stink bug!

05 November 2023

Pleasant Surprise!

Last week on one morning walk our human stopped for a short rest, a small group of dogs came by. One of them trotted to greet our human.
Our human thought that meeting with Tripod would never happen as Tripod was not allowed for morning walks for its own safety. Guess Tripod must have had escaped.
Of course, our human gave him dog treats when the other dogs left to continue their walks.
Look at how his tail curled, body and facial muscles, ears included adjusted to compensate for his missing leg from standing to resting position.
He is so cute and such a good boy!