19 April 2020

Winnie the Enchantress?

Take a look at the picture below where Winnie is resting on the floor.

Something seems odd; the stainless steel bowl of kitty kibbles is on the wall and the kibbles are defying gravity.

It was a hot afternoon, too hot for Winnie for her afternoon siesta in the MeowYard. She walked in to her MeowRoom to find the coolest spot. And decided that this was the best 'coolest' position - legs and tail on the wall.

12 April 2020

Sleeping It Off

Winnie says her life has changed a little lately. 

She has been getting more canned food like tuna and roasted chicken.

Our human has gotten almost a dozen of kitty canned food to help make the special kibbles last longer to get through the lockdown we are having.

And what best to deal with a full belly after downing a whole can of such treat?

Sleeping it off, of course!

Stay safe everyone.

05 April 2020


Winnie called persistently.

Our human went to her MeowYard and found that Winnie had used her toilet. So like an obedient slave, our human brought in the basket of cleaning stuff and proceeded to clean.

Here is Winnie hawk-eyed watching whether the cleaning process is done properly.