30 May 2021

No Play Please!

Wanting to liven her life a little, our human dangled and dropped that little bell attached to the colourful string on Winnie's head.

Winnie, uninterested, turned and got up! Perhaps our human's timing to play with her was out.

23 May 2021

My Chair!

Our human placed the Winnie's laundered stripped towel on the plastic chair temporarily while cleaning the MeowYard...
...and returned to this sight!

16 May 2021

Fussy Lady Winnie

Our weather is unpredictable. It could be scorching hot and the next minute a torrential electrical storm with strong winds that could lead to flash floods and fallen trees.

Where fussy lady Winnie rest depends greatly on the air temperature our human notices lately.
On rainy days with cooler air, Winnie would rest on the stripped towel; on warm days on the light blue pet pad; and on hot days, plain wood would be good enough.

09 May 2021

Stay Safe and Be Well !

This is Winnie's latest favourite resting spot.
She has never stepped out of the house since joining our human. In a way Winnie's in a lockdown since then.

Our human is experiencing lockdown too; so do many countries in the world.

Stay Safe and Be Well everyone!

02 May 2021

Petting Demand!

This is how Winnie demands pets and would meow loudly till you do it...
and you have to stroke her from head to tail.

She will give you the eye till she is satisfied!