24 April 2022

Stranger in My Water Bowl !

Few days ago our human awoke startled to Winnie's meowing. It was loud and sounded urgent! Immediately jumped out of bed, our human checked Winnie's food dish; there were still some food.
Our human then went to the MeowYard, switched on the light (still dark as it was early morning) and saw this.
Wide awake now, that critter was quickly disposed, bowl cleaned and filled up; all this while with Winnie's scrutinising supervision.
She then went to drink. She was thirsty!
PS: The almost daily long torrential rain forced many crawlies to emerge.

10 April 2022

MeowHole also a SpyHole?

Our human wondered why Winnie always rest on a certain spot on the MeowYard.
Few days ago our human walked past and from the corner of the eye noticed Winnie looking through the MeowHole.
When trying to snap photos, Winnie got up to walk in the MeowRoom. Our human wanted to title this 'Looking Through the MeowHole' but  remembered Winnie is not the first kitty who did this and looked up which kitty did it first.

Here is the link --> 

03 April 2022

Cooler Tiled Floor

When it did not rain, the days are extremely hot with scorching sun.
Winnie prefers the cooler tiled floor of her MeowYard after her human slave had mopped the floor.
This unforgiving weather can change suddenly. Strong winds can bring sudden heavy downpour with lightning and thunder. We even had hailstones.
With her hearing-impairment, Winnie was unperturbed and slept through the noise and ruckus!