30 September 2014

Respiratory Droplets or Water?

It was a hot afternoon.

To cool the Meowyard for the kitties, EJ walked in to wet-mop the tiled floor and spied tiny droplets on Winnie's muzzle furs who was resting nonchalantly.

Wanting to share this cute moment, you should have seen how EJ moved stealthily out of the Meowyard but once in the house proper the mad dash to grab the camera.

Could these droplets be her saliva after a satisfying sneeze or water splashed from the drinking bowl?

26 September 2014

Pebble's Tests

This is how Pebble looks after a DIY bad hair cut in her rear (see red arrow) with a tiny scissors by our human. It makes cleaning a lot easier after she soil her diapers.

Pebble is wearing diapers on a permanent basis and confined to her personal suite at all times for her safety.

Last week she underwent a thorough check-up, blood tests as well as radiography on her chest and abdomen. All results were fine except that she is completely blind. So the conclusion that her attacks of paralysis and seizure were due to neurological disorders.

Our 16-year-old matriarch, Tanya, too, was down last week with an infected bladder. Still on medication, she has recovered and back to her haughty self.

PS: Kenggy has passed on.