23 December 2017

Christmas 2017

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's gotcha day was on Christmas Day, 25 December.

His absence hit both Winnie and human hard.
Winnie howls for no reason and is clingy to EJ. Our human tries hard to give as much cuddles as possible.

Below are photos taken just before Jack got sick.

Resting double-decker style.

Dreaming of Christmas just before drifting off to sleep.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year. 

11 December 2017

Jack in Diapers

All seem well after his short-turned-long ordeal at the clinic (see previous post) with Captain Jack drinking and eating on his own including passing out bloody urine. The only problem was he fought hard in refusing to take his pills. 

Jack passed out some crystals (tiny stones) with blood-stained spots of urine.

More than a week later, Jack was squatting frequently trying to urinate but only droplets of blood-stained urine came out.

He had to have his bladder drained again. This time an ultrasound was done. It showed the normal shape of bladder, both kidneys and liver. Blood test was done and the results showed an extremely high creatinine.

Though not his former self, Jack would still jump up to his favourite perch but eating less. More than a week later, he started to strain to urinate again, this time EJ noticed foul smell emitting from his mouth. He was taken back to the clinic again.

Without a choice, Jack had to have his bladder drained again. It was found that he had ulcers in his mouth; tartar was removed. He was also given a stronger dose of antibiotics. As he was waking up from his anesthesia, Jack kept kneading the air just like when he kneaded EJ.

Back home he did not have much of an appetite and preferred to drink water.
Jack became rather clingy and sought our human's attention constantly. The next few days he had incontinence and had to wear diapers.

Now in his diapers, he preferred to use the bigger specially constructed toilet lined with expensive hand-drawn Italian tiles.

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK posing for our human trying to look suave in diapers (last photo shoot).

EJ stayed with him till midnight and he passed on at the wee hours on 9th December 2017 after EJ went to bed.

PS: to continue next week
(Jack had this problem four years ago and was on special diet since then).

26 November 2017

Jack - Ripper?

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK yowled. Our human ran to the MeowYard and saw Jack squatting in his litter-free litter box trying to urinate but only a drop came out. His urethra was blocked.

Our human contacted Jack's vet but unfortunately the clinic was closed that day. His vet is such a nice man and said that he will open his clinic just for Jack if we could make it there by a certain time.

Under anesthesia, a catheter was inserted in his urethra and urine flushed out from his turgid bladder.

On waking, an angry Jack ripped off the IV drip and tore off his e-collar. Quickly he was back on the surgery table, re-anesthesised and IV catheter secured with more tape and bandage.

This time, on waking, Jack was ferocious, hissed and fought so hard that the e-collar was destroyed and the reinforced IV ripped out. (Later we found out that he bit his forelimb to tear out the IV bandage, one claw was ripped out in the process and was bleeding in his tongue.)

Jack, a former feral, could not be hospitalised and had to be taken home. And back again he went on the surgery table to be anesthesised to remove IV and catheter in his urethra.

Our human is grateful and thankful to Jack's vet for being so nice, patient and understanding. The good doctor helped carry Jack to the car in the pouring rain. Both doctor and our human were drenched. 

05 November 2017

Forced Persuasion?

We, kitties, have been lazing a lot lately; even more so with daily heavy rain and thunderstorms these few weeks.

Greatly influenced by us, our human followed suit, lazed a lot and procrastinated to the point of not even blogging or checking mail.

Well, our human suddenly realised that it is now November and had missed several kitty events like Halloween, etc.

Here's Winnie totally asleep till her short tail went limp!

08 October 2017

Unabashed Winnie?

Humans at times do not show their true feelings but not animals.

Not happy, even two blue catnip mousies could not tempt the 'not happy' Winnie

and turned her back refusing to look when called.

01 October 2017

Easy Sunday

Since our human do not clean house on Sundays and prefer to laze around, so do we kitties, says Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK.

24 September 2017

Fang Ready for Halloween

Winnie says, "Halloween is coming soon? I've got my fang ready!"

17 September 2017

Cave-Bed Dismantled and Recycled!

Continued from the previous post:

Our human decided to dismantled the cave-bed as the kitties were sort of taking it apart.

Somehow Captain Jack and Winnie seem to prefer the new location and style as they sometimes nap together since there is enough space.

Here is Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's opinion and response!

10 September 2017

Cave Bed

Our human started a new project and we commented on it.

A little while later.

And then our human decided – project abandoned!

27 August 2017

New Toy?

When you have too many toys like little blue catnip 'mousies' and plastic balls with bells inserts (for the visually impaired), a rafia string becomes a new interesting toy.
Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK eyeing with his one good eye at the rafia string.

Here he is using his ear to sense the string.

20 August 2017

Nosy or Inquisitive?

Timid as he is, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK is such a 'busybody' and always wants to 'nose' what is going on.

Our human feels he is more nosy than inquisitive.

13 August 2017


Winnie does this rather often. It is not because she loves to play hide and seek but because she is utterly timid and jumpy.

And with that wide-eye funny face, you simply could not resist creeping silently behind and give her a little finger prod on her rump!

17 July 2017

Value of Safe House

Our human procrastinated again! We meowed so loud to get our human moving, with feet dragging heavily.

Well, our human did put in new bedding in the Duplex and Captain Jack promptly crawled in. And good timing too. There was this long, heavy thunderstorm. That was not all. Someone threw in some fireworks as well.

And as you know stress can cause some cats to have UTI (urinary tract infection), stones in the bladder included. Captain Jack passed them out with a little blood though he is on special diet. It can be seen clearly here as no cat litter was used.
So the Duplex doubles as the Safe House.

09 July 2017

It is a Pullout !

Our human heard some unfamiliar noise, checked and saw the cause of it.

Stunned speechless our human managed to snap these evidential proofs - the unhappy look and nonchalant sleep.

So what can and did our human do? Sigh and let it be.

Note: A new scratchboard was purchased to try prolong and preserve "The Chair's" legs as well as a reward for Winnie for doing so well.
Our human plans to make new beds for the Duplex.

02 July 2017

Well Done Plaque!

Winnie is back to her normal self after losing tooth and fang.

Tooth fairy contacted us and gave this lovely plaque for doing so well.
Psst, share a secret, tooth fairy is Ms Ellen of pilch92 15andmeowing.

Thank you tooth fairy and all who sent warm words and wishes.

25 June 2017

Another one for Tooth Fairy

Winnie was salivating.

Our human looked and saw the snaggle fang which pointed at a weird angle. Afraid to cause more damage, it was left to fate to take care of it.

Yesterday afternoon, it was on the floor. Our human checked; Winnie no longer has it.

Winnie was already an adult cat and abandoned by her owner. Hoping her owner would come for her, our human watched and waited for a year before taking Winnie to join the gang in 2006.

04 June 2017

Litter Box/Bed?

It is hard for our human to understand why we, kitties, love to rest in our litter box.

We scream at our human slave each time after we did our business, big or small and watched the box being cleaned with soap and water. Because of our handicapp, no litter is used. And there are four litter boxes of various sizes placed in a row to share between two of us.

So at times, the litter box is cleaner than the inside of duplex bed box.  Bed box's got drools!

29 May 2017


As usual during heavy thunderstorm, our human will walk round the house to check for leaks. 

On checking the MeowRoom, a reverse situation was found and our human was amused.

22 May 2017

May the Force be with You

Our human wasn't sure whether Winnie was sleeping but reckoned that she was meditating gathering universal force.

May the Force be with You!

15 May 2017

Duplex BedBox

The following photos show the reason why our human made a 'Duplex BedBox' for us. Tell us what you think!

30 April 2017

New BedBox

The much-loved bedbox was so battered and falling apart that our human decided to DIY a new one from a cardboard box.

And Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK loves it and kept hoarding it so much so that our human could not resist writing those words as with every little sound he will slink in.

Just look at that face!

23 April 2017

Hello, We're Back!

To mark our return, our human decided to take a snap shot and Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK volunteered to model.

The compact camera was old and needed several shots. This was the best.

Well, what can we say when Captain Jack's patience was tested to the max.

12 January 2017

Zonked Out Jack !

Captain Jack has been working so hard at 'redesigning' his bedbox that he zonked out in this indecent manner.

Our (procrastinating) human is thinking of making a new enclosed bedbox for Captain Jack and Winnie.