25 November 2012

A Ravelling Moment

EJ wanted to take some photos of us especially Pebble when she posed prettily on the hardwood podium.

At that perfect pose, the button was pressed. EJ forgot that the cheap compact digital camera has a few seconds delay in snapping the picture after pressing the button.

To make it worse, at that precise moment Pebble decided to move off. The result picture taken was this of Winnie staring straight at the camera with a face that says, "you look silly!".

18 November 2012

Head Bonking

Cats show their affection in many ways. One of them is using their heads to butt you.

The cats headbonk EJ a lot. At times EJ would go down on the knees to their level to headbonk back. There were times the cats would retreat and stare at EJ in shock. Soon EJ realised that hair was poking in the cats' faces.

So now EJ handholds the hair back to return the cats' headbonks. No more death stares from the cats!

11 November 2012

Jack in the Box

Boxes are definite favourites with the cats. Whenever a box is available and however small, it sure would be occupied.

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK was fascinated by this tiny box and constantly hogged it.

This box did not last long and has been shredded to bits.

04 November 2012

Rainy Days

It has been raining and raining lately.

When it was accompanied with lightning and thunder, the kitties would crawl to some corner or to their cubicle like Pebble here.

Braver ones like obnoxious Tanya would just lie motionless staring into oblivion.

EJ almost succumbed to the procrastination sickness again but fought hard against it.