28 January 2024

Walking Into the Vortex

On weekdays every morning our human enjoy going for morning walk...
...it feels like you are about to enter the vortex to peace and serenity.

21 January 2024

Two Chonky Kitties

Our human remembered, looked and reached out to the paper bag stashed in the deep corner of the cupboard; without hesitation, took out what was inside and carelessly discarded the paper bag on the floor.
It felt good to see them again...two stuffed kitties.
Though part of its fur was pressed flat, it is interesting to note these two black chonkies have white noses, whiskers and claws. Bought while on vacation in either early or mid 1970s, they still look good and shiny.
OMG!!! Our human just realised that these two are old, half a century old!
These two kitties will be placed in the MeowRoom and our human will have to start clearing space for them after leaving that room as when the late Winnie was alive.

14 January 2024

Long Tails

Last week after the morning walk, our human chanced to see these long-tailed macaques.
Not wanting to spook them, this was taken with the cell phone across the street. It is the reason the picture is not sharp.
Our human purposedly blurred that square advertisement banner on the branch.

07 January 2024

Vigilant Wait

The stray was happy to see our human, approached wagging its body and tail and proceeded to jump up putting its front paws on our human.

Our petite human was prepared and stood firmly as this stray is a big dog.

When told, "Let's go!", the stray walked on and rested on the road as if waiting for someone.

He, the stray, perhaps decided to take turns walking with other hikers whom he knows.