30 January 2022


Wanting to snap her resting, our human crept into the MeowYard at Winnie's favourite spot. She opened her eyes when our human tip-toed alongside and then gave the side-eye!
Our human quickly moved off after snapping this!

23 January 2022

Food Bits?

Winnie called, ate and left those food bits for her 'slave' to clean up. Well, what can her 'slave' do except to stop eating lunch to give Winnie a full body damp wipe down, combing and more food before continuing lunch (slave's lunch that is).
PS: Actually there were more bits of food which our human had removed some but mid-way realised that this makes a good picture for posterity. It wasn't easy snapping these photos as Winnie kept moving and head-butting.

16 January 2022

Clenched Fist?

Our human did not snap any photos of Winnie this week and decided walk in to the MeowYard where Winnie was having an afternoon siesta.
While the handphone was clicking away, Winnie opened her eyes and our human saw this.
Was that a clenched fist? 
Was Winnie trying to show how she felt when her rest was disturbed by that soft clicking noise?

09 January 2022

Clean Pads a Must

Winnie is not fussy but utterly fastidious! She will call non-stop if there were drools or patches of leaks on it.
So demanding loud she is that our human had to drop everything to give priority in changing the soiled pad.
Here she is having her afternoon siesta on her newly changed spanking clean pads.