30 September 2012

Gold Sparklers

EJ loves the gold specks on Winnie's coat. At times it looks like gold sparklers if Winnie sits at the right position under a sun puddle.

Though Pebble looks like she is chewing Winnie's ear, Pebble is actually licking and cleaning it.

Pebble's pink tongue can be seen here in this close-up.

23 September 2012

Mind Your Punctuation

Punctuation is important for successful writing. Where the punctuation, like a comma, is placed would change the meaning of the sentence.

This is one good example.

Save him, not kill him.
Save him not, kill him.

The kitties are reminding EJ of its importance.

Full stop






19 September 2012

Meow Like a Pirate Day

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's extra-keen-hearing ears heard a soft unfamiliar sound. 

With his body frozen at the start of stalking mode, his remaining hawk-sharp eye stared dead straight ahead in total concentration trying to see from where that sound came from before using the telescope nearby.

He didn't meow; he let out a barely audible 'arr'.

Pebble was too interested in the bottle of rum to care.

PS: Our human don't seem to be able to find a suitable hat or pirate bandana. 

16 September 2012

Strict Scrutiny

When the neighbour's pipe sprung a leak, water seeped through the connecting wall in the meowyard. Being in a sunny area, the damp wall soon had algae growing.

Afraid that the increasing patch of algae would affect the health of both human and cats, EJ decided to paint the wall with an acrylic waterproof sealer.

First the 18-foot long wall had to be scrubbed as clean as possible.

The painting took days as multiple coats are better at sealing than a single coat. But the real reason for the many days taken to do the job was the constant supervision and quality control inspection.

09 September 2012

Sleeping Like a Log

It may look like but this is not a rabbit sleeping on its back.

This is Tanya spending her weekend sleeping like a log!

02 September 2012

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK Gets Help From Captain Hook

Unable to finish his breakfast, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK used Captain Hook to hang on to his food bowl !