29 December 2013

2014 New Year Gift – If You Can't Drill It, Screw It !

It was noticed that lately Kenggy has not been up on the Chair, table or shelf. Her waddling seems to be slower and hobbling more pronounced.

EJ decided to make a ramp to help Kenggy move to higher grounds. An old 1 foot by 6½ foot plank was used as it makes a gentler slope.

Initial plan was to drill a hole on both ends of the plank to secure the wrap-around hemp rope. But since EJ could not get hold of a drill, screws were used instead.

Rope wrapping took a long time. The plank was heavy. EJ had to use all four limps to repeatedly carry and turn the plank while keeping the rope as taut as possible. (Please don't mind EJ's foot on the plank.) While working, EJ kept telling Kenggy, 'This is for you, Kenggy'. Kenggy watched to the whole while; other kitties came, looked and left.

The completed hemp-ramp was placed in the MeowRoom with one end on the floor against the corner while the other end rested on the upper shelf on the opposite side; midway of the ramp is the same height as the Chair and table.

EJ wanted Kenggy to be the first to use the ramp and placed Kenggy at the bottom. Nosy Captain Jack wanted to use it too.

Very soon, all the kitties came, tested and used it as a giant scratch post.

Winnie sniffed the ramp.

The ramp warped when fat Tanya walked on it.

Pebble stopped by the Chair and table midway.

Both Captain Jack and Tanya liked it enough to nap on the ramp. The creaking noise of the MeowRoom door woke them up before these pictures could be taken.

From the bottom of her little heart, Kenggy thank Crumpet, Maneki and their human for donating 2 giant rolls of hemp rope for without it, this hemp-ramp would not be possible.

We wish all a     HAPPY NEW YEAR 
full of     Success, Courage and Prosperity.

PS: Numerous lumps could now be felt on Kenggy's chest.

23 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Kenggy, on behalf of her roommates (Tanya, Pebble, Winnie, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK) and human, wish all bipeds, 'tri-peds', quadrupeds, multi-legged creatures included 

a Joyous Holiday filled with Peace,
Love, and Prosperity

15 December 2013

Pain-in-the-Neck Toilet Tray

Our human got us a new litter tray which is slightly taller, broader and longer than the ones we have. It is to replace the old worn out tray. 

We suspected the main reason was that our human was tired of cleaning our 'toilet accidents'!

After the new tray was cleaned with soapy water and put in place, Tanya immediately checked to see if it makes a more comfortable snoozing bed than using it as toilet.

This is Tanya's opinion!

01 December 2013

One Fang Still Good!

Snapping photos of cats can be a daunting task at times.

Before EJ could sit comfortably on the floor to try to snap a photo of any cat in the MeowYard, inquisitive Kenggy waddled near.

The compact camera wrist strap was dangling.

Standing upright using both her stumps, Kenggy caught the strap unceremoniously and stuff it in her mouth.

You may ask why was EJ slow in preventing it? Well, EJ was off-balanced though seated and Kenggy placed both her stumps on EJ. Her stumps are just skin covering bones. It hurt and EJ dared not move for fear that Kenggy may fall. 

Slowly, very slowly the strap was removed. Tanya came to check out what the commotion was about. That marked the end of photo session for the day. 
EJ was tired out.

10 November 2013

What's Happening?

They were caught in this position. No, they did not fight.

Soon the rest joined in this weird silent gathering. Our human is still perplexed as to what this is about. Perhaps they all were trying to sit in the best sunbeam spot possible.
Or are they brewing something for or against their human?

13 October 2013

One-Eyed Peep

Rather than throwing an old litter tray with a cover, EJ found another use for it. The cover was reused to double as a step up to the hardwood podium lounge as well as a mini one-cat den.

The weight of the cats constantly using it as stepping stool caused some of the ventilation strips to break off.

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK found another use for that breakage – as a peeping hole!

06 October 2013

The Matriarch!

Living together harmoniously in the same house, our human put importance on warmth and love, give and take, at rest, in play as well as meal times.

For breakfast, each cat has their own share of kibbles in their own bowls. 'Tea' is wet food, either chicken or fish, in the evening, also in their own bowls. 

A short while later would be dinner. Dinner is different. The cats share eating out from two bowls, at times from one bowl. From this, they learn patience and tolerance.

The hierarchical structure here is noticeable. The oldest, Tanya, the matriarch, eats first while the rest wait patiently for their turn.

And EJ loves them all for their patience, tolerance and love.

22 September 2013

Oh Heck! Caught Hacking!

It was a lovely day! 
Winnie was feeling good and relaxed cross-legged on a chair. 

And on came our pesky human to disturb our peace. Startled at that and perhaps choked on her saliva, Winnie had a hacking cough. Of course our human would never let a chance like that go. The camera went on clicking and flashing.

Winnie was not pleased at being caught at such an embarrassing and unappealing moment. But our human think it was a cute moment and was mighty pleased to have immortalised it!

15 September 2013

Ear Chewing?

Is timid Winnie sitting unmoving allowing Pebble to chew her ear?

It does look like it but no, Pebble is cleaning it with true sisterly love!

08 September 2013

A Lost Fang?

Few days ago, EJ found this fang in one of the cubicles of the kitty condo and wondered who the owner was. It could be anyone as all the kitties are seniors and have weak gums.

So EJ went on a hunt, crawling on the ground peering into their mouths. It was no easy task as you get jumped or sat on, even wrestled.

It belonged to Kenggy. It was weird that Kenggy did not show any signs of refusing to eat. She was and is still as greedy gobbling her food.

Without both front paws and claws, EJ shudder to think if Kenggy were still a stray outdoors. She would never survive now that she lost her final weapon of defense.

Our human is happy that Kenggy and all her roommates are always indoors and never allowed out of the house.

How did that fang get loose? EJ suspects that it is because Kenggy constantly use her nose and mouth to help support her bad landing due to her two pawless and shortened front limbs.

01 September 2013

Hi There!

It was supposed to be my turn last week but as a good sister to Captain Jack and big Tanya, I allowed them to be featured.

So meantime I relaxed until our human sneaked up on me during my slumber to steal a shot. I managed to open one eye and waved my paw to say 'Hi'.

25 August 2013

Attack of the Monsters from Head to Toe

EJ managed to get this one (out of many shots) that shows proof of being attacked on the head. Guess who's this monster?

The foot was not spared either. Guess who?

11 August 2013

Captain One Tooth!

Weakening gums and loosing teeth is one of the many signs of aging in human. It is the same in animals.

EJ knows that since all the cats here are seniors and geriatric, their fangs have elongated but never imagine one without teeth.

Imagine the surprise and disbelief at discovering Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK without his front teeth, top and bottom that EJ simply have to share that discovery.

After snapping the photo below, EJ realised Captain Jack does have one tooth, not counting the fangs. Can you see it?

Captain Jack refused to open his mouth for another shot.

Now doesn't he resemble a mandrill baboon?

PS: EJ believes Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's hard life in his younger days when he was a stray contributed partly to his weak gums and loss of teeth.

04 August 2013

Remembering Cinders and How to Look for Signs that the End is Near

It has been a year. Cinders would have been 19 last week if she were alive.

Being a geriatric cat, there were many changes in her life, physically and mentally. When the end gets nearer there are a number of subtle signs displayed.

In her last few years, she was less active and moving slower, preferring to rest on top of the chair or podium watching her younger roommates interact. She could no longer spring up from lying position. Perhaps she was feeling the effects of arthritis.

Then her eyesight deteriorated and became disorientated. She relied on touch and hearing, and began walking along walls ending up stuck in small gaps and spaces. To prevent that, EJ put thick books, dictionaries and plastic containers between cupboards, next to the refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

The disorientation moments advanced to dementia.

In her last few months, her vet detected low body temperature and advised to keep her warm.

She did not use the litter box and had to wear diapers. Her water bowl was elevated to make it easier for her to drink.

During her last few weeks, she refused to eat, drink and take her medication. Breathing was difficult.

Cinders just clamped her mouth shut on that pill and refused to swallow. That weird reflection in her eyes indicate total blindness.

We hope this post will bring awareness to friends, readers to help better prepare and ease senior pets on the final leg of their life's journey.

28 July 2013

Kenggy's Photo Found

Oh, our human procrastinated again. A few paw strikes did the trick!

These were Kenggy's first few photos taken. It was after her spaying operation resting in her private suite for recuperation in early January 2007.

She actually joined EJ and the gang in late December 2006. EJ could not remember the exact date but was certain that it was on a public holiday and so it could be possibly Christmas.

Kenggy has recovered extremely well after her recent operation to remove a growing lump on her mammary gland. The fur shaved off on her belly has grown. Our human has been checking if there are any more growths or lumps. So far, there are none. 

We thank you all once again for the many wishes, kind words, purrayers and headbutts.

Have a great weekend everyone!

07 July 2013

Knot a Pom-Pom Tail

Tanya's tail is short and having semi-long fur, it looks  like a pom-pom.

Touching her tail, which Tanya hates, it feels like the tail is a hook almost like Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK. It was what EJ thought till Tanya's x-rays showed that it curls more to resemble a paper clip almost to a knot. (The x-ray was for her broken leg many, many years ago.)

Just by looking at her tail at times brings back memories that made EJ smile.

It happened when EJ was much younger and squatting at mom's house occupying the smallest room on the top most floor of a double-storey split-level. From the road, it looks like a normal double storey, once inside it is four-level with lots of stairs.

Mom was watching TV on a lower floor when suddenly from the corner of her eye, she saw something huge and white closely following a black furry ball whizzed past her. Realising that black furry ball was Tanya, she screamed for EJ who came running down the stairs.

Tanya's tail got hooked on to EJ's white duffel bag. It was a big ruckus and sight with EJ chasing the white duffel bag chasing black furry Tanya up and down the stairs both screaming on top of their lungs.

When EJ managed to corner Tanya, the nylon strings of the duffel bag simply could not come off her tail. 

With that, EJ decided to take a breather and then brought out the scissors before continuing the marathon chase up and down the stairs.

Mom was no help. With head thrown back, she just sat on her chair, body limped with laughter all the while.

And EJ had more than enough exercise for a week!

30 June 2013

Yawning Weekend

The hot weather these days sure makes you sleepy. Yawn!

Thank goodness the haze has gone but reports says it is not over and may come back.

In the meantime we will have a snooze.
Happy weekend everyone!

23 June 2013

Wishing For Cooler Days and Cleaner Air

Several hot spots in the neighbouring country has resulted in haze at our place. The present extremely hot weather without rain worsened the situation.

The MeowYard is being either washed or wet-mopped several times a day in an effort to cool the area and sometimes EJ hand-sprays water mist in the air.

The kitties will all then lie down fully stretched on the damp tiles to cool off.

Air in the MeowYard is cleaner than the rest of the house as there are several hanging pots of green. 

To help clean air in the house as well, EJ has begun transferring in smaller pots of green plants from the porch.

Winnie here mulls and dreams of cooler days and clean air when the year's end monsoon comes which at times brings flashfloods, uprooted trees and massive traffic jams.

16 June 2013

A Mischievous Captain

Recently Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK is getting more mischievous. Guess it is because he is the sole ('ahem, whisper' neutered) male in an all female home.

Like the time when Tanya was in this box, Captain Jack would glare long and hard with his big one only eye till Tanya had enough to leave.

And he would promptly climb in to take that spot!

PS: Tanya still has furball caught in her lower fang but EJ has found a way using fingers to pinch it out.

As to Kenggy, there is nothing much we can do now except that EJ has to closely monitor her health and watch out for lumps.