20 January 2014

Extra Love for Kenggy

Like all her roommates, Kenggy sleeps like this in the MeowYard.

Lately she prefers to sleep in corners.

Last Saturday night she kept growling at her roommates who approached or walked near her. It went on for quite a while. Couldn't take it any longer though rather late into the night, EJ quickly set up Kenggy's private suite and placed her there. 

She was happy; she stretched out, wriggled on her back and cleaned herself.

Early yesterday morning, Sunday, EJ drove to the clinic to discuss about Kenggy's numerous growing lumps. It was concluded that another operation would put her life in jeopardy.

The best thing to do for Kenggy now is to give her extra love and make her happy.

Kenggy's personal suite is exactly the same as the one she used after her operation. You can view it here.

12 January 2014

Photo Pose

Winnie does not mind posing for the camera but with one flaw.
She is impatient!

I had to blink. It flashed in my eyes!

Oh gawd! So slow, you lousy photographer.

Hmmmf, I'm tired!

Hurry up! This is the absolute last take!

05 January 2014

Where Did the Time Go?

She was sitting so sweetly and daintily on their little chair that EJ rushed to try to capture the moment. Pebble did just like cats love to do, spoil the moment and test human's patience. 

When EJ saw the result photo, EJ realised that the years whizzed past just like what Pebble did.

Now where did the time go?

Was EJ like this during the past years?