23 April 2023

Reason to Drool

Our human finally reasoned out why she, Winnie, drools.
Her selfie below having an afternoon siesta clearly shows it.
Being geriatric, she has lost a fang, some teeth and so with less teeth to block, her tongue sticks out.
Deep in slumber with her relaxed face pressed hard against her scratchboard pillow, she continually drools making her face looks like it is warped.

16 April 2023

The Slave Panicked

There were times when the slave do not walk in to the MeowYard to check on Winnie but peep through the bedroom window that overlooks the MeowYard.
It was a hot afternoon and Winnie seemed to be slumped over her scratchboard cum pillow.
Thinking the worse, the slave hurriedly went to check on her and was relieved to find that she was just relaxing; just like us humans on a hot day when we just let our limbs hang loose to air them to cool down.

09 April 2023

Visually Impaired

She kept facing her slave and continued to meow even after eating her wet food.
It is an indication that there is more work for her slave.
Checked her three toilet trays; absolutely clean. Yes, Winnie has three toilet trays; actually five with two propped up against the wall as she could not squat as low now and kept spraying on to the wall.
Only one thing left; some snuggles and scritches.
Winnie was then carried and placed on her slave's knee for some scritches.
It can be seen here that Winnie is visually impaired; her pupils are of different sizes and large in the brightly lit Meowyard.
PS: We had power outage last Sunday.