31 March 2019

Ear of Annoyance

She called for her 'slave', probably wanting some hugs.

Being a hot day, our human put Winnie on top of both legs.
Our human had other ideas, took out the cellphone wanting to capture Winnie's drool. But Winnie hated it and gave this perplexed look.

Then she showed her displeasure by tilting one ear.

Winnie moved down to the floor with her ear still tilted showing her annoyance.

PS: Winnie at times drools like dog when happy, our human wanted to capture it but couldn't so far.

24 March 2019

Enjoying the Air-Conditioning

It was such a blistering hot afternoon that our human decided to enjoy the coolness at the air-conditioned minimart with the pretext of purchasing something.

As always our human will bring along a little pouch of kitty kibbles for just in case Mr Batman ask for food.

And who did we see at the entrance? Mr Batman was fast asleep on his back with four legs in the air directly under the air curtain. He did not flinch a muscle when patrons walked in or out.

A total prankster our human is, when the last patron left, our human whipped out the kibble pouch, opened and held it close to Mr Batman's nose.

Well, seconds later Mr Batman sprung up mewing non-stop loudly at our human much to the amusement of the two observing cashier girls who burst out laughing. Our human laughed too.

Mr Batman was rewarded with kibbles for giving us a pleasant afternoon.

Have a pleasant week ahead everyone.

17 March 2019

Mini Mr Batman

A few days ago our human went to the nearest minimart for some purchase and was totally pleasantly surprised to see a mini version of Mr Batman.

This must be Mr Batman's son as Mr Batman did not beat or drive him away.

Mini Mr Batman was a little afraid of our human initially but very quickly felt at ease by flopping down on the ground.
Mini Mr Batman hiding under the car

Mini Mr Batman has a much shorter tail

10 March 2019

Scorching Hot Days

We are experiencing heatwave lately.

Winnie cools herself by constantly licking and cleaning her fur as seen here that her fur was wet.

Sometimes our human help out by petting Winnie with wet hands.