30 August 2020

It's Hot, Hot, Hot!

Weather has been incredibly hot these days. And wearing a permanent fur coat is certainly of no help.

To help cool Winnie in hot afternoons, our human wiped Winnie down with a wet towel and then fine-tooth comb her (black handle of comb can be seen near Winnie).

But Winnie could not wait and proceeded to lick herself probably she felt a little uneasy to have her fur ruffled by our human.

23 August 2020

Just Checking!

Each time our human comes to the MeowYard to clean, wherever and whatever Winnie is doing (except her toilet duties of course), she will instantly get into this position on her personal scratching pad and observe!

Our human finds it amusing and will always try to do the cleaning chores as long as it takes.

16 August 2020

Holding Up

Winnie loves her new resting spot and our human found her holding up one of the support pillars of the hardwood 2-level podium.

09 August 2020

New Resting Spot

Wanting to change Winnie's bedding but not wanting to disturb that fussy sleeper, our human left the towelling bedding on the bottom deck.

When our human next came out to the MeowYard to do some cleaning, this was the sight!

02 August 2020

Caught Napping!

It was a sunny afternoon.

Wanting to cool MeowYard for Winnie, our human wanted to wet mop the tiled floor and saw Winnie sleeping in a sunspot.

Of course, unable to resist, our human grabbed the handphone and started clicking...

...and woke Winnie up!
She changed position and gave our human a look!

Our human could not exactly make out what her look said.
What do you think?