15 March 2020

Winnie the Perfect Model

She was patient laying perfectly still, staring blankly posing for our human.

Our human was happy clicking away using the handphone and this was the best shot.
If only we knew what went on and what thoughts were between those ears!

Shall we guess?!

08 March 2020

Our Funny Human

This is one of those times when our human gets overzealous in getting selfies; clean forgot how funny and odd the situation is.

Notice that reflection on the window pane? Tsk-tsk!

01 March 2020

Hi, We're Back!

Our human did not post for a while due to some urgent matters that needed our human's personal attention. Things are back to normal now.

On the first day of 2020, Winnie got a special chicken treat and asked for more. Since our human is vegetarian, getting chicken is really special.

Here's Winnie asking for more chicken treat.
The human was more interested in snapping the photo and was slow in doling out the second helping, hence that annoyed look!