26 February 2013

Kenggy's Stress and Tears

Just when Pebble completed her FLUTD medication and all seem to be well, Kenggy's left eye started tearing last week. Though EJ kept cleaning, it did not get better and a brown stain formed along side her nose.

Then blood-stained urine spots were found. It was not easy trying to find out who it belonged to. EJ had to keep following and spying on all the cats going to toilet.

EJ was relieved that it was not Pebble but Kenggy.
Appointment was made and off Kenggy went to vet on early Sunday morning.

Kenggy has FLUTD and conjunctivitis. It was due to stress caused by the loud sounds of firecrackers and fireworks fired the last two weeks for Chinese New Year celebrations. 

EJ wanted to snap photos of Kenggy with her infected eye but as usual others wanted to be included.
Finally the others got tired of jumping in front of the camera but Kenggy refused to open her eyes.

17 February 2013

Claw of Displeasure

All her roommates were featured and it has been a while Winnie appeared here. 

Winnie, unhappy with the situation shows her sulking face and super sharp claws.

Hmmm, time to clip those claws!

A closer look.

14 February 2013

A Butt-full of Hearts

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK, the last to join us, came in 2008.

Our human, EJ, never realised it until recently an old friend, Tony, exclaimed, "Oh, his butt is full of little hearts!"

It was only then our human stared long and hard at the Captain's butt. And indeed his butt is full of little hearts.

On behalf of all of us, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK showers lots of love and happiness to all friends worldwide with his butt-full of little hearts.

Friends are those who love you unconditionally, without whom life will never be the same. 
Happy Valentines Day dear friends.

08 February 2013

Lunar New Year of the Snake 2013

This year, the Lunar New Year of the Snake falls on Sunday 10 February.

On behalf of all of us including our human, here is Kenggy holding an upside down Chinese character pronounced as "FU" to wish all 


The character is purposedly held upside down as the homophone is to come or arrive so meaning good fortune will come quickly or has arrived.

03 February 2013

Truly Resting

When Tanya take a rest, she truly rest well like this, propping her head on something at the right height.

But right now she is in a really bad mood hissing away. She just had her bath and is caged with the fan blowing full blast to help her dry fast.

Have a restful Sunday everyone!

PS: Pebble seems to be better and had her bath yesterday. Before that she stank terribly of urine because FLUTD dribbling urine collected on her long fur at her rump.