29 July 2012

Cinders' Turning Point

Tomorrow is Cinders' birthday.

Yesterday Cinders decided she had enough and joined her brother, cross-eyed Cookie.
She's 18.
Please click here if you wish to know how she came to our life.

We thank all who sent prayers, wishes and purrs. Special thanks to Ann of Zoolatry who did this lovely graphic.

With much love,

22 July 2012

Cinders' Fighting On

Now totally blind, Cinders had to be confined to the dry toilet.

She walks along the walls and into her water and food bowls. EJ had to clean up regularly.

Cinders forgets to eat as well and had to be gently reminded by putting the food directly under her nose.

Pictures below were taken a month earlier.

Relaxing under the ceiling fan.

Soaking in the single beam of scorching morning sun after dragging all her toys out from the basket.

Resting after playing and scattering her playthings. (EJ has picked them up.)

16 July 2012

Cinders' Fav Spots and Heart

When EJ sat on the cushion on the floor to watch TV, Cinders too wanted to sit.

So EJ made a separate cushion, a smaller one, for her. But Cinders will only relax in it if it's a double, that is if the smaller cushion is on the larger one.

She has other spots to relax as well like this small box...

...or under the computer (EJ has to sit cross-legged on the chair whenever Cinders decides to squat here).

Few days ago, Cinders vomitted and was feeling rather weak. Her vet checked and found that her body temperature a little lower than normal. Her heartbeat was not exactly normal as well. She now has to take medication for her heart in addition to the ones for her kidneys. 

To prevent her from wandering aimlessly at night (Cinders has failing eyesight), EJ set up the cage to put her in and placed it at the meowroom door where she can still have close contact with her roommates. So close that Winnie could stick her paw in to scratch the paper (at the yellow arrow) with Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK watching intensely all the time.

This was from Cinders' view with Winnie's silhouette (yellow arrow).

Cinders did not like the cage, probably felt claustrophobic, and was then placed in the dry toilet.

This is her all-time favourite!

For now Cinders will stay in the toilet at night and will be let out to be with her roommates during day. EJ will continue to monitor her condition.

08 July 2012

Under the Jasmine Tree

EJ loves the smell of fresh Jasmine flowers.

The late Cookie used to love to sleep here during every hot afternoons. 

On those really hot afternoons, EJ, siblings and mom were extremely envious just watching Cookie sleep.  It felt good and comforting just staring at him in deep slumber there unmoving. In fact, they felt the coolness Cookie was getting and secretly wished either they could make themselves small to crawl in together with Cookie or make that little hut and Jasmine plant big.

With those sweet scent and shade, who wouldn't want to be under the Jasmine Tree?

Below is the Jasmine flower (Jasminum  Sambac) plant EJ planted grown from a cutting of the Jasmine plant Cookie slept under at EJ's Mom's porch. That porch has been renovated and that Jasmine plant removed.

Currently EJ is trying to grow the Jasmine plant again after an invasion of snails destroyed it.

01 July 2012

'It Fits' Says Cinders

It's Sunday.

While our human, EJ, procrastinated, Cinders found a basket which was of great interest to her.

It was on top of a low box. Cinders pawed it down and dragged it to the centre of the hall.

She stepped inside the small basket, turned a few rounds sizing it up to decide at which angle or position was most comfortable...

...and promptly laid down to nap!