13 October 2013

One-Eyed Peep

Rather than throwing an old litter tray with a cover, EJ found another use for it. The cover was reused to double as a step up to the hardwood podium lounge as well as a mini one-cat den.

The weight of the cats constantly using it as stepping stool caused some of the ventilation strips to break off.

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK found another use for that breakage – as a peeping hole!

06 October 2013

The Matriarch!

Living together harmoniously in the same house, our human put importance on warmth and love, give and take, at rest, in play as well as meal times.

For breakfast, each cat has their own share of kibbles in their own bowls. 'Tea' is wet food, either chicken or fish, in the evening, also in their own bowls. 

A short while later would be dinner. Dinner is different. The cats share eating out from two bowls, at times from one bowl. From this, they learn patience and tolerance.

The hierarchical structure here is noticeable. The oldest, Tanya, the matriarch, eats first while the rest wait patiently for their turn.

And EJ loves them all for their patience, tolerance and love.