27 February 2011

Roly-Poly Tommy

It's Sunday!

Though he loves resting all stretched out on two children's-sized chairs, there are times when Tommy do enjoy curling up like this.

22 February 2011

Loving It to Bits

Kenggy has a favourite toy. It's an old battered cheap two-dollar hedgehog soft toy from Ikea.

She doesn't play like a normal cat does. Without both front paws, Kenggy cannot claw any make-believe 'prey' or chase after it.

She plays in her own unique way. Standing up kangaroo-style, Kenggy would toss the toy in the air and tries to catch it with her stubs. It is such a cute sight when she uses her best weapon, her teeth, to attack the 'prey' standing up looking like a giant obese squirrel.

Lying down, she does side rolls while holding on to the 'prey' biting and using her powerful hind legs to kick much like a crocodile thrashing in the water. 

The very battered hedgehog. It's loved to bits, literally.

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20 February 2011

Total Relaxation

It's Sunday!

Now that the festivities of Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are over, it's time for total relaxation.
Too lazy to move, note how Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK eyed the photographer.

15 February 2011

Secret to Looking Cool

The torrential monsoon is over, finally.

Scorching hot weather is here. With high humidity, the air feels muggy.

It would be torturous if you are wearing a fur coat like Pebble here with her fur longer than most of her roommates.

She has a secret on how to look cool and good on such days. 
Here is what she does.

Relax completely and let your tail hang in the water; never mind if it is the water bowl.

When you feel that the coolness has crept all over your body, lift your tail out and start cleaning it.

Then relax and let your tail go limp allowing air to go through the damp fur thus cooling it.

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13 February 2011

Hanging Loose

It's Sunday!

Let it all hang out...
...beer belly and foot!

08 February 2011

Bubbling Drool

Cats are normally light sleepers.

Female cats usually sleep slightly less embarrasing than males. But not Tanya. She sleeps in weird positions. She snores. And drools.

The inelegant sleeping Tanya...

and close-up of her drool. 

Can you see the two drool bubbles?

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06 February 2011

Something's in the Air

It's Sunday!

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK couldn't really tell exactly what's in the air due to the many festivities in this month of February. 

The air has a blend of all smells in this multi-racial country that celebrates festivals of all races.

Is it the smell of the good spread of scrumptious food and oranges for Chinese New Year with an acrid touch of the after-smell of burnt fire crackers and fireworks?

There is also the sweet scent of chocolates and roses...for the coming Valentine's Day.

01 February 2011

Just Checking

Since Cinders was the only one who knew about this gift from Puddy, she goes the box regularly. 

These were taken at night and the first one was snapped without flash in a dimly lit area.

Tanya suddenly stopped on her tracks when she saw the box.

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