17 April 2011

A Visit to Tommy's Favourite Vet

He was a glutton. Now his appetite is poor. Tommy is losing weight. And this worries EJ.

After confirming his favourite vet was on duty, EJ drove Tommy to the clinic yesterday in a drizzle.

Tommy's favourite vet was about to leave for a house call but on seeing Tommy, he exchanged duties with another doctor so that he could attend to Tommy. Read about Tommy's reaction on their first meeting here.

A thorough check-up was done and an irregular heart rhythm was detected. Blood had to be extracted for tests. Tommy put up a fight and only a small amount was obtained. More staff came to help and EJ left the room. EJ is known to have scratchy eyes only but when Tommy gave a long, really loud heart-rending wail, EJ's eyes welled up.

The x-rays confirmed his enlarged heart.

Tommy has cardiomyopathy -- heart problems.

Results of the blood tests to be out early next week will show whether Tommy has other accompanying complications in the liver or kidneys.

EJ would love to but could not visit all you wonderful friends as often and will post on Tommy's and Cinders' health progress.

The now aging 14-year-old not-so-handsome Tommy but still as vocal and loving.

10 April 2011

A Thousand Million Thanks

Cinders had her second blood test two days ago. Urine test could not be done then as her bladder was empty.

This afternoon, EJ managed to get Cinders' urine and immediately took it to the vet for testing. The urine test result was fine except that it was rather diluted.

The blood test results showed there were improvements but not to the desired level yet. Another good thing was she did not lose more weight. It remained the same. She is still thin.

Cinders loves resting on a pile of old newspapers. Here she is dream-jetting her appreciation and a thousand million thanks to all who sent her get well purrs, prayers, positive vibrations and vibes, encouragement and love.

03 April 2011

Hang Down Your Head Poor Cinders

It is the first time in her life Cinders had to take medication. It is the first time she got sick in 17 years.

With so much medication to swallow on the first day, her frail body simply could not stomach it and she threw up. Here feeling absolutely miserable and feeble, she hung her head down.

Since then EJ spread the medicine-giving throughout the day to some in the morning, some in the evening and the remaining medication late at night. Cinders is responding well either because she is getting used to pills and medication being forced down her throat or EJ is getting better in doing it.

Cinders seems a little stronger now. Only a blood test  can confirm whether this is true.