26 December 2021

Hot Day

Today's afternoon is hot and Winnie is sleeping it off.
There was heavy non-stop rain last weekend that resulted in many areas being flooded. Since our human's house is situated on higher area, we are not affected by the flood. But we did not have running tap water for days as three water treatment plants were flooded and needed time to be cleaned thoroughly before operating. 
We had water few days ago.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year!

12 December 2021

Total Placidity

Taking a short cut through a small outdoor food court that was closed for the day, our human came across two resting felines and of course simply could not resist not snapping a photo or two.

Perched in perfect balance on a narrow dividing beam, this black and white kitty eyed nonchalantly at our human approaching near and soon closed its eyes to continue its slumber.

The second gray and white kitty resting on the blue tarp did not respond or opened its eyes at all.

Both looked very well fed.

PS: Our human could not blog last Sunday as renovations were being done to the bathroom.