30 October 2014

Who Done It?

EJ was surprised to see loose sisal ropes hanging from the kitty boardwalk. The sisal rope used is very long and there is no joining at that point.

The kitties could not possibly use a knife or scissors. So what happened? And who did it?

A few days later, EJ happened to walk past the meowroom door and saw this. The culprit at work chewing and clawing the rope.

Well, EJ is wondering what to do on how best to mend or change it and appreciate suggestions.

13 October 2014

Happy Today

Last few weeks, our human felt pressured and was exhausted.

Pebble was really not doing well. She could not eat or drink and had to be on assisted feeding.

Today, this morning, Pebble wailed loud and clear.
She was hungry even after her 'syringed' breakfast of mashed kibble gruel.

Our human brought out a cupful of kibbles, shaking it to let Pebble hear and dropped it noisily on to her stainless steel bowl. Pebble wobbled unsteadily towards that noise, dropped her nose awkwardly on to the kibbles and attempted to eat. She tried and tried. She was at it for a long time. Kibbles were thrown all over the floor. Our human was happy!

This photo shows that Pebble was unfazed by the camera flash and stared unblinking into it which proves she is absolutely blind. Her little cardboard cave has just been changed to a newer one.

PS: Don't you love her cute colourful diapers?