26 December 2021

Hot Day

Today's afternoon is hot and Winnie is sleeping it off.
There was heavy non-stop rain last weekend that resulted in many areas being flooded. Since our human's house is situated on higher area, we are not affected by the flood. But we did not have running tap water for days as three water treatment plants were flooded and needed time to be cleaned thoroughly before operating. 
We had water few days ago.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year!

12 December 2021

Total Placidity

Taking a short cut through a small outdoor food court that was closed for the day, our human came across two resting felines and of course simply could not resist not snapping a photo or two.

Perched in perfect balance on a narrow dividing beam, this black and white kitty eyed nonchalantly at our human approaching near and soon closed its eyes to continue its slumber.

The second gray and white kitty resting on the blue tarp did not respond or opened its eyes at all.

Both looked very well fed.

PS: Our human could not blog last Sunday as renovations were being done to the bathroom.

28 November 2021

Saliva Droplets?

Our human went on a usual 'check on Winnie' jaunt and saw something rather interesting. The mad dash for the handphone began followed by the conspicuous creep to speed snap.
Perhaps the handphone felt our human's urgency, the colours of the photos were off and out of focus.
Can you see those saliva droplets on Winnie's chin? Mmm, wonder what happened?

21 November 2021

Stealth SnapShot

Winnie always rest every afternoon after food and some scritches.
As usual our cheeky human crept and peered at Winnie, and managed this stealth snapshot!

14 November 2021


It did not rain yet. Winnie was having her afternoon siesta.
Our human crept by and snapped some photos. Light sleeper Winnie woke up and started to yawn...
...and there was a gleeful look on our human's face!

07 November 2021

Double Pads

Being fussy, Winnie 'yells' when her training pet pad is soiled and would not stop till it is replaced.
To save time, our human now place either double pads or a slightly smaller pad on top so that the soiled one could be removed quickly.
Our human has been truly trained! Sigh!

31 October 2021


During younger days, Winnie avoided any human who tried to go near, used to run and hide in some corner or behind her late roommates.
Now the sole occupant, her desire to be pet and held has increased tremendously. She calls, sometimes loud and endless to be pet and combed.
Our human obliged.
There were instances when timing was bad. Half-way during petting or combing, Winnie sprang up and ran off. Perplexed, our human followed...and found Winnie in toilet!
It truly was urgent and she had to go!

PS: Couldn't blog last Sunday due to electrical storm.

17 October 2021

Pads Extended

Like human, animals drool too in deep slumber!
And Winnie drools!
Our human has placed extended pads to catch drools.

10 October 2021


No, Winnie do not have incontinence but she leaks and could not reach to clean after each toilet! It happens when you grow older.
Our human has been hand washing and scrubbing all her towels to shreds. 
To save time as well as our human's hands, pet training pads were bought to line Winnie's favourite resting haunts.

03 October 2021

Resting Unladylike!

Our human just could not resist not catching that moment of Winnie's momentary unladylike position.
Please excuse the slightly blurred photo; it was snapped in a hurry!

19 September 2021

After a Thunderstorm

What's best to do after a thunderstorm? Rest and sleep of course, says Winnie.
It stopped after two hours and the sky brightened. Too bright to sleep and so covering the eyes helps!

PS: Could not blog last week due to house electricity tripped from thunderstorm.

05 September 2021

All Paws Crossed!

Ever since Winnie had that habit of changing her snoopervising office constantly, our human checked her on a regular basis...and two days ago, saw a sight never seen before.
You should have seen how our septuagenarian human move with such speed to grab the handphone to immortalise that sight!
All paws crossed; right fore paw over left fore paw, over right hind paw over left hind paw!
And look at Winnie's face! Wonder what she is thinking?

29 August 2021


 This is Winnie's latest snoopervising office!

22 August 2021

A Discovery!

Our human had a compact travel hair dryer (bought more than 40 years ago) which was used more times on kitties to dry fur than on human and was wondering whether it could be used on Winnie.
The second it was switched on and aimed at her, she ran!
Sigh! So, it was back to the tiring muscle-building manual fanning and combing.
Here is a happy satisfied Winnie, after the manual fanning and combing treatment, supervising our human cleaning the MeowYard.

15 August 2021

Satisfyingly Good!

It was a hot midday.
Winnie's whole body was wet-wiped down and then combed. Of course the human slave had to manually fan that feline diva dry.
When Winnie was clean and dry, there was a sun puddle right at the spot she rested.
PS: Our human's arms has begun developing muscles from regular fanning.

01 August 2021

Special Grooming!

Last few days, Winnie has been especially whining. Our human tried everything from giving food to cleaning her toilet trays, food bowls, MeowRoom, MeowYard. Almost wanting to give up, our human tried one last thing and gave Winnie a full 'wet' wipe-down.
Winnie, considered geriatric, our human did not want to risk giving her a bath. To dry her, electric fan being too strong to blast at Winnie, an old traditional fan made from palm leaf was used.
It was tough as first using one hand to fan and the other to comb her fur and that fan 'touched' Winnie as well as our human several times as the hands had to go different directions. Eventually our human managed.
When dried, Winnie slept for hours!
PS: Arrow shows Winnie lying on her comb with black handle.

25 July 2021

My Pillow

Clearing a corner our human found a long forgotten gift from the pet store when purchasing pet products above a certain amount.
It was a small pillow wrapped in plastic (plastic now discarded) and is put to good use for Winnie.

18 July 2021

Winnie's Stairs

Years ago when our kitty gang became more advanced in age, our human put together a makeshift stairs for them to jump up.
Now it is Winnie's personal stairs which she uses daily.
PS: On days when heavy thunderstorms occur, our house electricity trips. 
Our human will switch off and unplug all electrical appliances as a safety measure. There were times when our human did not blog due to this reason.

04 July 2021

Relaxed Supervision!

As usual Winnie supervises all clean-ups in her MeowYard...with a critical eye.
And with her front paws crossed, she was rather relaxed while her human slaved away!
With the mop moving up and down the length of the MeowYard monotonously, Winnie's upper eyelids got heavier!

27 June 2021

I Believe I Can Fly?

Gravity is strong...and so is age.
Human get excess and droopy skin as age advances; so do animals.

Winnie's droopy skin is from her elbows to abdomen (see arrow) and it resembles 'wings', not quite but like flying squirrels.
And it always make our human smile when Winnie stands like this showing off her 'wings' to demand scritches.

13 June 2021

Do You Think I'm Sexy?

Our human happened to walk pass the MeowRoom and from the corner of the eye saw Winnie....
...and made a quick dash for the handphone to capture the moment!

06 June 2021

My Pillow My ScratchBoard!

Lately our human has been diligently replacing the striped thick towel immediately once it is soiled with a fresh one.

Winnie, now being able to jump, though not at a great height, prefer to rest on the top tier of the specially constructed hardwood podium.

And using her much-loved scratchboard as pillow!

30 May 2021

No Play Please!

Wanting to liven her life a little, our human dangled and dropped that little bell attached to the colourful string on Winnie's head.

Winnie, uninterested, turned and got up! Perhaps our human's timing to play with her was out.

23 May 2021

My Chair!

Our human placed the Winnie's laundered stripped towel on the plastic chair temporarily while cleaning the MeowYard...
...and returned to this sight!

16 May 2021

Fussy Lady Winnie

Our weather is unpredictable. It could be scorching hot and the next minute a torrential electrical storm with strong winds that could lead to flash floods and fallen trees.

Where fussy lady Winnie rest depends greatly on the air temperature our human notices lately.
On rainy days with cooler air, Winnie would rest on the stripped towel; on warm days on the light blue pet pad; and on hot days, plain wood would be good enough.

09 May 2021

Stay Safe and Be Well !

This is Winnie's latest favourite resting spot.
She has never stepped out of the house since joining our human. In a way Winnie's in a lockdown since then.

Our human is experiencing lockdown too; so do many countries in the world.

Stay Safe and Be Well everyone!

02 May 2021

Petting Demand!

This is how Winnie demands pets and would meow loudly till you do it...
and you have to stroke her from head to tail.

She will give you the eye till she is satisfied!

25 April 2021

Playing Again?

After months of not playing with any toys or anything at all, our human dangle and shook this rope with a tiny bell at the end in front of her.

Winnie never jumped up. She laid there, used her front paws to swipe and quickly lost interest.

18 April 2021

New 'Old' Resting Spot

It is a cycle!
As some readers say, "The old becomes new again!"

04 April 2021

Getting Ready!

 Winnie here is getting ready to plop down on her rehashed box-bed to rest.

28 March 2021

New Look at Old Hideaway?

Remember that old basket covered with our human's old T-shirt which Winnie used to rest in?

Winnie stopped using it for months and to give more floor space, our human placed it on 'The Chair'.

Few days ago, our human went into a mild panic not being able to see Winnie any where in the MeowRoom or MeowYard when suddenly something dark sticking out of the basket was sighted and realised Winnie stuck her tail out!

This photo's blur because our human moved.

The bedding has since been changed and the basket cleaned. She is using this regularly and only she knows for how long.

21 March 2021


Winnie meowed for her breakfast and was promptly given.
After finishing, she jumped up the cubicle and started cleaning her face...
...and realised our human was near and stopped cleaning with paw in mid-air.
If it was after food, Winnie would clean but never after toilet duties; she would just meowed loud for human slave to give her a whole body wipe-down with a damp microfibre cloth.

14 March 2021

Feeling Young Again?

Off and on our human will check and spy on Winnie.

And saw Winnie sitting still eyeing the lizard on the wall in her MeowYard.
So intense was her concentration that she bent her body like that lizard and did not notice our human at all.

If only we know what was she thinking!

07 March 2021

Golden Years!

Not only in human but it shows in animals as well...
...and our human finds Winnie's age-showing face very cute indeed.
Don't you think so?

28 February 2021


She is a picky eater.

Extreme right in stainless steel bowl were kibbles for senior felines bought from the vet, placed there for Winnie late night snacks.
The middle ceramic dish contained chicken in broth given in the morning for her breakfast.
Winnie meowed loud and demanded new food for lunch. And so our human had to open a new packet of chicken chunks for her. To get even, our human sneaked in anti-hairball paste (those little dark dots) in her lunch! 

21 February 2021

Feeling Dopey?

Winnie was asleep in her boxbed.

Wanting to snap her photo, our human carefully pushed open the MeowRoom sliding grill. Freshly oiled rollers made only a soft noise.

As most cats are and being light sleepers, Winnie jumped up into this unusual standing position.
And then moved into this. Guess she was still feeling dopey!
PS: Internet router was down for more than a week during lockdown. Router problem has been solved and can connect now.

07 February 2021

Keeping Cool

The heat continues!

And fully-furred Winnie is feeling it. She sought out the dark, cool corner of her MeowRoom and licked wet all her fur.

Our human also help by wiping her down usually in the evenings and mopping the tiled floor.

31 January 2021

Airy Rest?

It did not rain the last few days.

If it did, it was a shower with rain droplets that immediately evaporated on touching the hot ground!

So how did our furry friend cope in this torrid weather?