18 April 2021

New 'Old' Resting Spot

It is a cycle!
As some readers say, "The old becomes new again!"

04 April 2021

Getting Ready!

 Winnie here is getting ready to plop down on her rehashed box-bed to rest.

28 March 2021

New Look at Old Hideaway?

Remember that old basket covered with our human's old T-shirt which Winnie used to rest in?

Winnie stopped using it for months and to give more floor space, our human placed it on 'The Chair'.

Few days ago, our human went into a mild panic not being able to see Winnie any where in the MeowRoom or MeowYard when suddenly something dark sticking out of the basket was sighted and realised Winnie stuck her tail out!

This photo's blur because our human moved.

The bedding has since been changed and the basket cleaned. She is using this regularly and only she knows for how long.

21 March 2021


Winnie meowed for her breakfast and was promptly given.
After finishing, she jumped up the cubicle and started cleaning her face...
...and realised our human was near and stopped cleaning with paw in mid-air.
If it was after food, Winnie would clean but never after toilet duties; she would just meowed loud for human slave to give her a whole body wipe-down with a damp microfibre cloth.

14 March 2021

Feeling Young Again?

Off and on our human will check and spy on Winnie.

And saw Winnie sitting still eyeing the lizard on the wall in her MeowYard.
So intense was her concentration that she bent her body like that lizard and did not notice our human at all.

If only we know what was she thinking!

07 March 2021

Golden Years!

Not only in human but it shows in animals as well...
...and our human finds Winnie's age-showing face very cute indeed.
Don't you think so?

28 February 2021


She is a picky eater.

Extreme right in stainless steel bowl were kibbles for senior felines bought from the vet, placed there for Winnie late night snacks.
The middle ceramic dish contained chicken in broth given in the morning for her breakfast.
Winnie meowed loud and demanded new food for lunch. And so our human had to open a new packet of chicken chunks for her. To get even, our human sneaked in anti-hairball paste (those little dark dots) in her lunch! 

21 February 2021

Feeling Dopey?

Winnie was asleep in her boxbed.

Wanting to snap her photo, our human carefully pushed open the MeowRoom sliding grill. Freshly oiled rollers made only a soft noise.

As most cats are and being light sleepers, Winnie jumped up into this unusual standing position.
And then moved into this. Guess she was still feeling dopey!
PS: Internet router was down for more than a week during lockdown. Router problem has been solved and can connect now.

07 February 2021

Keeping Cool

The heat continues!

And fully-furred Winnie is feeling it. She sought out the dark, cool corner of her MeowRoom and licked wet all her fur.

Our human also help by wiping her down usually in the evenings and mopping the tiled floor.

31 January 2021

Airy Rest?

It did not rain the last few days.

If it did, it was a shower with rain droplets that immediately evaporated on touching the hot ground!

So how did our furry friend cope in this torrid weather?

24 January 2021

Practice Jump?

Winnie could not be seen at her usual various 'on the floor' sleeping spots and sent our human on a panicky hunt for her peering into corners in the MeowYard and MeowRoom.

Taking a breather at the door of the MeowRoom, our human suddenly saw Winnie sleeping up near the window!
Has Winnie been practising jumping up? And does this mean she is feeling better at regaining her strength?

17 January 2021

Winnie, the Slave Driver!

Winnie called! Our human dropped everything including eating (only exception when in the bathroom) and check on Winnie's needs.

Food - check - ample!
Toilet - check - clean!

Still calling? Winnie walked and sat on her bed while staring and calling.
It means she wanted pets and hugs. And so our human had to give her some quick pets and hugs before returning to continue what was dropped mid-way before interruption!

Winnie's the boss and such a slave driver!
She trained her human well! Sigh!

10 January 2021

Am Tops!

Winnie called out loud and it sounded urgent!

Our human ran to look for her and found her on the top tier of her hard wood podium for the first time in months. Worried that she could not jump down, our human quickly moved to carry her down.
But before reaching, Winnie jumped down and strutted off with with a walk that said, "I did it! I am tops!"

03 January 2021

New Bed Lining Rejected!

Wanting to make a softer bed for Winnie, our human got a 1-inch thick foam to line the bottom of the bed box and topped it with the usual towels.

Somehow Winnie did not fancy it. She went straight for the top of her carrier which she did not use for some time. Perhaps she did not like the smell of the sponge or perhaps she felt it was too soft and did not give enough stability.
Our human has since taken that sponge out and lined the box with several towels as before.