23 November 2015

Gravity's Unforgiving Pull

Our human tried for months to take a good picture of Tanya's belly but did not want to wait anymore and went ahead to snap it.

Each time Tanya would turn abruptly and run off.

There were times when she would promptly sit down and stare into emptiness. Our human would then wonder what went through that little brain.

The little red arrow shows her grossly unappealing sagging belly almost touching the floor even when she stands. Worsen by gravity's unforgiving pull, her belly sways from side to side when she walks fast or goes into a little run. 

After these photo shots, Tanya quickly plopped down, turned and gave this laser-glare that says 'I am not happy with you!'.

13 November 2015

Geriatric Tanya

Tanya, 19 next year, is a geriatric cat.

Two weeks ago, our human noticed Tanya was straining to urine constantly. Her urine had blood stains. So off she went to visit her vet who commented that Tanya's heart is beating strong, subtly hinting that Tanya will have many good years to come.

Forcing medication down two sick cats twice a day (Pebble included) and cleaning after them is making our human very busy and a little tired physically.

Our human does not mind, in fact feeling rather happy, as Tanya is recovering with no bloody urine or straining; and Pebble's condition did not worsen (still wearing diaper pants as she can't walk and totally blind).