30 December 2009

Torture Tickles Dagger Stares and New Year Wish

There have been several scientific studies which proved that pets could dramatically lower blood pressure though having a pet is a big responsibility. Having a pet lessens anxiety as well as boost the owner's immunity. It is probably due to pet owner literally feeling their pet's love and devotion.

Luckily EJ has lovely eight handicapped and abandoned cats or else the blood pressure will shoot sky high. For weeks, the telephone was not working and lately internet connection was either down or torturously slow. With the telephone down, EJ cannot phone the authorities concerned to report the fault. And EJ do not like to impose on friends or relatives.

There were times when EJ felt like sending the cats to the authorities concerned especially Kenggy, the pawless cat, to torture tickle and Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK, with missing eye globe, to dagger stare them to quickly rectify whatever faults. (EJ's legs are Kenggy's favourite scratching poles and without claws, it really is ticklish. EJ had to stay still and laugh out loud during the scratch or else Kenggy would fall down.)

EJ notices that these inconveniences usually happen at year end and hopes a decision maker in Telekoms read this and act on it.

A New Year wish from EJ would be special discounts for streamyx internet services for senior citizens from Telekoms as communication is important to those in their golden years to keep in contact with relatives and friends not only locally but internationally as well.

Happy New Year everyone.

22 December 2009

CataClaus and Friends

This year, EJ did not put up this mini Christmas tree like in the past two years.

The blinking lights initially intrigued the cats and they kept staring at it. After an hour or so, they all lost interest and go about their own ways.

The actual reason why EJ feels that it is not necessary to put up the Christmas tree is because EJ feels that one housemate has a slight resemblance to Santa Claus.

Here is CataClaus on behalf of all her roommates (and EJ) wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

15 December 2009

Heads and Tails

Those who read last Tuesday's comments will understand why EJ took the effort and time to search for the following pictures.

These were taken when 4head, Tortie's brother, was still alive. Both Tortie and 4head were very close as grew up together since birth and had never separated.

In this photo, Tommy is on the left, 4head in the middle with Tortie on the right. Winnie is sleeping in the cubicle of the cat condo.

This photo was taken on another day. EJ could not really understand why Tommy did what he did - putting his legs on 4head's head. Anyway, EJ was glad that this photo was snapped.

In the cubicles, on the left is Tanya with Winnie on the right. Part of Pebble is in the foreground.

EJ remembers that 4head actually woke up, looked around, sized up the situation and promptly went back to sleep.

Ahh, if only we can sleep well in whatever positions.

12 December 2009

Make your Bathroom Smell Good

When EJ's favourite mug chipped which would make drinking out of it dangerous as it could cut your lips, EJ did not want to throw the mug away and decided to think of ways to make use of it.

The chipped mug was placed on top of the cistern tank as a decoration as well as container for pandan leaves.

EJ used to hang the pandan leaves collected from the garden to make the bathroom smell good. In this picture, the pandan leaves have been split to allow the release of more pleasant smell.

Pandan or screwpine is widely used in Asian countries. It is used to flavour rice, puddings, cakes and even ice-cream. It is a repellant for pests such as cockroaches and ants though EJ has not tried it.

08 December 2009

Friends, Countrymen, lend me your...err...Rump!

All kittens love to sleep in a group but not all adult cats.

The two biggest and heaviest, Tommy and Tortie, loves to groom each other and then sleep. And they choose the softest part of the body to rest their heads - the fleshy rump.

They looks so comfortably and happy sleeping in this position that EJ had to resist the temptation of prodding their fat rumps to allow them to continue their sleep.

05 December 2009

Home in a Home

A stopcock on white wall is not a pretty sight.

To hide it, EJ bought a shell-shaped pot and grew (what the locals call) money plant in it.

As this particular pot has no drainage hole, EJ had to use a chair to climb up to see how much water was needed on a daily basis. Soon EJ found it too much of a bother and decided to replace it with the plastic version that needed zero care.

The plastic version looks real. So real that even a potter wasp got fooled and build her nest on one of the stalk.

The nest was really a lovely work of art. EJ wished it could be kept but had to snip off that plastic stalk as a precautionary measure.

PS: Money plant is also known as the Pothos, Silver Vine, Centiped Tongavine, Devil's Ivy and Solomon Islands' Ivy. Its scientific name is Epipremnum Aureum.

Animals lovers, please do take care as this plant is listed as toxic to cats and dogs due to the presence of calcium oxalates.

01 December 2009

KaBoom Boom

With the recent monsoon season, rain and floods follow, including thuderstorms.

EJ's housemates do not like thunderstorms. The smaller female cats are not as frightened as the supposedly macho bigger males.

The biggest male, Tortie, at 7kg, is terrified of thunderstorms. He would squeeze into his favourite hiding spot, a tiny cubicle in the cat condo, with an eye peeping out. And would stay there till the storm is over.

If he is in the yard, the second he hears even a distant rumbling, he would immediately slink to his tiny cubicle.

To Tortie, a loud sneeze is equivalent to thunder and would immediately slink. It never fails to amuse visitors especially males when this happens.