25 June 2023


The slave's heart sank when peeping through the window at Winnie and saw this.
It cut such a poignant and forlorn picture.
Winnie breathed her last on Friday afternoon and was sent for cremation the next day.
Now the house seems so very quiet; the slave still check the MeowRoom and MeowYard out of habit.
'The Chair'/EJ will take a short break before continuing blogging as there are still many untold stories.
Future tales will be posted under suitable blog hops.
'The Chair'/EJ is touched and grateful for all the warm prayers, kind thoughts and concern.

18 June 2023

Three Dishes and a Bowl of Water

Winnie is eating less now. She is losing weight.
The slave tried to entice her by giving as many variety possible, chicken, tuna, tuna broth and water.
She prefers to drink only water.
Today the slave resorted to syringe-feed her tuna water followed by a wipe down.

11 June 2023

Winnie's Retaliation and Comb Changed

The slave removed her soiled bed to change to a clean fresh pet pad.

Winnie retaliated by resting on spilled food and this was just after her total body wipe-down!

Slave was thinking that patience should have been practised and waited till Winnie fell asleep before the complete clean-up. Sigh!

It was felt that the usual fine-tooth metal comb used seems a bit harsh on Winnie's thin body so the slave used this rubber pet comb which should be more gentle on her.

04 June 2023

Full Body Wipe

Winnie do not clean herself; her slave does it for her with a small damp soft microfibre cloth.
On normal hot afternoons, the cloth will be dampened with tap water but at night warm water will be used and then combed.
Done several times a day especially after food and toilet, it kept the slave extremely busy.
A plastic sheet was used to catch Winnie's spilled food but her paws kept slipping and so it is back to pet pad. The slave has to constantly clean up so Winnie would not step on the spills and drools.
This is after a full body wipe down and before combing in a hot afternoon.