25 September 2022

Old Place Feels Better?

It certainly was surprising when Winnie was found resting at her old place two days ago.
She still does and never rests at the lower tier since then.
If only we know why, our human slave's life would be a lot easier!

18 September 2022

Pets are Wonderful!

Those who have pets know how human beings are loved by them unconditionally though we scold or punish them.
We, humans, can be our true selves behaving unabashedly in front of them.
Pets do not mind one bit when we flatulate in front of them.
Well, Winnie purred when that happened!
Has that ever happened to you all, pet owners?
Pets give us so much joy in their own incredible ways.

14 September 2022

She Rests Dangerously!

When this photo was taken, she did not flinch a muscle.
Winnie being deaf in this case certainly is advantageous to our human.

04 September 2022

Relaxed Greeting!

It did not rain this afternoon; the day was hot.
Our human walked in to the MeowYard and was met with this relaxed greeting!