22 December 2019

Christmas 2019

Our human has been busy lately and did not put up any Christmas decorations; did not try to dress me in any Santa hat or stuff as well which was good.

For now, I am happy but who knows what may happen when the next festival comes!

Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas everyone!

08 December 2019

Favourite Spot

It is a lazy Sunday.
And Winnie favourite pillow is also her personal scratch board!

Have a pleasant weekend everyone!

01 December 2019

Deep Cleaning

Must clean these extremely hard to reach places!

This is really hard work! Must rest!

24 November 2019

Ms Fang

Finally, our human managed to snap Winnie's fangs. 
Her left fang is longer than her right!

17 November 2019

Wet Patch!

Winnie mewed and loud!

Our human went to check and saw beside Winnie was a wet patch (see arrow) on her personal scratcher. Couldn't resist it, our human quickly snapped it with the handphone.

What does Winnie's face indicate here, 'Sorry, I drooled' or 'I did it on purpose to give you work!'.

What do you think?

10 November 2019

Choked Up!

On seeing our human walking into the MeowYard, Winnie started drooling on anticipation of good quality time together.

As our human approached nearer, Winnie started meowing...and choked on her own drools!

03 November 2019

Face on Gossamer?

Our human loves to go for morning walks in the nearby forest reserve.

And since getting up a little earlier than the norm, our human decided to start the walk earlier to enjoy the cool fresh air.

Walking along the narrow path, our human saw a spider web among leaves sprinkled with morning dew, stopped and snapped it with the handphone.

Further down the path, there was another web among leaves but this one had a big dew drop near the centre of the web. Finding it interesting, our human snapped a picture.

On reaching home, the photos were viewed and saw that the second photo captured something interesting.

There was a face on that big dew drop at the centre of the web.
Our human would like to think that this is a by chance selfie reflection of the photographer. If not, then would it be something from the 'twilight zone'?

31 October 2019

Fang Showing for Halloween

Well, what can we say? Winnie is not exactly a pretty girl.
Her fangs show all the time, sometimes more and at other times a little less.

Lately our human was lucky to catch Winnie at the right moment with the right sunlight at the right angle in the MeowYard when she was chilling out.

And Winnie was picture perfect for Halloween!

20 October 2019

Things Winnie Love

She loves those little sun spots and personal scratchboard.

PS: Our human almost wanted to procrastinate again after internet issues have been settled.

01 September 2019

Winnie's Doppelganger?

Thinking of Mr Batman (who works in security at the nearby convenience store), our human brought some kibbles and walked to that store on the pretext of getting some groceries.

At the entrance was this fearful young, thin cat but Mr Batman was nowhere to be seen.

Our human poured the kibbles (meant for Mr Batman) onto the empty bowl near the entrance. This skittish cat went beeline for it, scarfed down and never once lifted her head. 

She was very hungry and reminded our human how Winnie was before joining the gang.

Winnie's doppelganger, isn't she?

25 August 2019

New Scratch Pad

Running an errand, our human eyed a cat flat scratch pad in a store and immediately bought it. 

Winnie refused to use the old one and has been scratching all corners of the 'tropical hard wood' podium.

"Hmmm, this new scratch pad looks nice!"

"Not bad! Think I'll start scratching here from now on!"

18 August 2019

Winnie's Howls!

It was night. A relaxing night when our human was just watching TV.

Winnie howled. She was standing at the MeowRoom grill, stared at our human howling.

As usual our human got up, switched on the MeowRoom light; yes, there was enough kibbles in her bowl. And back to watching TV our human went.

Winnie did not budge and howled again. This time, our human went to the MeowYard, switched on the light to check Meow toilet. All the four, yes, four plastic toilets were clean. And back to watching TV our human went.

Again Winnie did not budge and howled again, even louder and more urgent. Our human thought there must be something, switched on the light and went to check every corner of the MeowYard...
...and saw this!

04 August 2019

Yesterday When We Were Young!

Now fattened up, Winnie must have felt relaxed in her new home.

This photo was taken in 2006 few months after she joined the pack. She was still wearing her 'Winnie the Pooh' bell necklace from her previous owner.

Actually our human waited for a year (hoping her owner will come back for her and the rest of the abandoned kitties) before taking her in. Winnie was already an adult then, not a kitten.

Read how Winnie joined the pack in the link below.

07 July 2019

Drool Again?

It was night.
Winnie called and demanded scritches.

Since it was rather late, our human decided to use a fine-tooth comb and started combing the spots where Winnie could not reach like the back, front and sides of her neck as well as her back near the base of her tail.

She went estatic...
...and started drooling!

Photo was purposedly shot from above so as not to hurt Winnie's eyes from the camera flash.

30 June 2019

Chicken Treat!

My human gave me canned chicken treat this morning and watched me eat!
I did not bother to lift my head but just ate and ate.
When I finished, I turned away to clean my face.
On realising that my human was still watching me, I came back and asked for second helping.

23 June 2019

What! Kibbles Again?

Sometimes when you live long enough to be a 'senior' or geriatric, you long for or reminisce certain food you had eaten when younger.

Is Winnie, now getriatric, longing for something?
Our human has given canned fish but Winnie turned her nose up. She loves chicken.

These are special chicken flavoured kibbles for senior felines.

16 June 2019

Keeping Your Cool !

We live in the country near the equator and the climate being categorised as equatorial is hot and humid.

It certainly is not easy keeping cool while wearing a permanent fur coat. 
Resting on your back completely splayed out in a shaded area helps a lot but...


09 June 2019

Winnie Says

Winnie says, " I am posing for you, be happy!"

Have a great weekend everyone.

02 June 2019

Enjoy the Food!

This is one of the rare occasion of Mr Batman and (our human believe) his son enjoying kibbles together.

The fur colour and pattern are similar with junior smaller in body and head. Junior has a shorter tail.

12 May 2019

Winnie's Cubbyhole

Our human found Winnie in one of her cubbyholes and is rather perplexed why she loves resting there occasionally.

05 May 2019

Audacious Winnie

When linings on pet carrier or basket are soiled with Winnie's drools or fur, our human will change it to a fresh lining recycled from old towels or T-shirts.

Often before our human could smoothen the creases, impatient Winnie would jump in to check it out. There were times our human had to physically remove Winnie in order to finish the task.
Does this happen to you too?

28 April 2019

Streak of Sunlight

Weather is hot as we live in the tropics and it is too hot to lie in the sun puddle.

Naturally Winnie will gravitate to wherever there is a streak of sunlight.

Have a great weekend everyone.

14 April 2019

Happy Drooling!

At last; finally!

That special moment captured and immortalised one beautiful afternoon a few days ago.

Winnie started to drool...

can you see the bubbly saliva collected on her lips?

and the drool became longer...

and longer...

till it reached the towel (which our human just changed to a fresh one).

Her drool splattered on her face when Winnie shook her head! Eeew!

She is a happy cat!

07 April 2019

Brooding Rumination?

There is a lot of cloud cover and the weather is warm.

With her belly full, Winnie was busy cleaning herself beautiful. And our human thought it would be nice to capture that moment.

As soon as the handphone came out and in position to snap a picture, Winnie, well, sort of transformed. 

She gave this look of brooding rumination. So our human thinks Winnie do not like being photographed.

What do you think?

31 March 2019

Ear of Annoyance

She called for her 'slave', probably wanting some hugs.

Being a hot day, our human put Winnie on top of both legs.
Our human had other ideas, took out the cellphone wanting to capture Winnie's drool. But Winnie hated it and gave this perplexed look.

Then she showed her displeasure by tilting one ear.

Winnie moved down to the floor with her ear still tilted showing her annoyance.

PS: Winnie at times drools like dog when happy, our human wanted to capture it but couldn't so far.

24 March 2019

Enjoying the Air-Conditioning

It was such a blistering hot afternoon that our human decided to enjoy the coolness at the air-conditioned minimart with the pretext of purchasing something.

As always our human will bring along a little pouch of kitty kibbles for just in case Mr Batman ask for food.

And who did we see at the entrance? Mr Batman was fast asleep on his back with four legs in the air directly under the air curtain. He did not flinch a muscle when patrons walked in or out.

A total prankster our human is, when the last patron left, our human whipped out the kibble pouch, opened and held it close to Mr Batman's nose.

Well, seconds later Mr Batman sprung up mewing non-stop loudly at our human much to the amusement of the two observing cashier girls who burst out laughing. Our human laughed too.

Mr Batman was rewarded with kibbles for giving us a pleasant afternoon.

Have a pleasant week ahead everyone.

17 March 2019

Mini Mr Batman

A few days ago our human went to the nearest minimart for some purchase and was totally pleasantly surprised to see a mini version of Mr Batman.

This must be Mr Batman's son as Mr Batman did not beat or drive him away.

Mini Mr Batman was a little afraid of our human initially but very quickly felt at ease by flopping down on the ground.
Mini Mr Batman hiding under the car

Mini Mr Batman has a much shorter tail

10 March 2019

Scorching Hot Days

We are experiencing heatwave lately.

Winnie cools herself by constantly licking and cleaning her fur as seen here that her fur was wet.

Sometimes our human help out by petting Winnie with wet hands.

03 February 2019

Chinese New Year 2019

Greetings from Winnie and human.

May the days ahead are filled with immense joy and Prosperity !

20 January 2019

Breakfast for Mr Batman

Mr Batman is skinny.
Our human decided to feed him whenever they happen to meet.

He devoured the kibbles. 

Only these were left on the DIY paper plate rehashed from an envelope.

07 January 2019

Lost Molar

Few weeks ago, our human found a hard, moist funny looking kibble in Winnie's stainless steel food dish among her special kibbles for senior cats.

Out of curiosity, our human picked it up and tapped it on the tiled floor. It was rock hard. Only then it dawned on our human that Winnie's molar tooth fell off.

Being such a good, quiet girl, Winnie never complained about her discomfort and our human had absolutely no idea.

Right now Winnie is the same, eating lots and calling out loud demanding pets.