25 June 2017

Another one for Tooth Fairy

Winnie was salivating.

Our human looked and saw the snaggle fang which pointed at a weird angle. Afraid to cause more damage, it was left to fate to take care of it.

Yesterday afternoon, it was on the floor. Our human checked; Winnie no longer has it.

Winnie was already an adult cat and abandoned by her owner. Hoping her owner would come for her, our human watched and waited for a year before taking Winnie to join the gang in 2006.

04 June 2017

Litter Box/Bed?

It is hard for our human to understand why we, kitties, love to rest in our litter box.

We scream at our human slave each time after we did our business, big or small and watched the box being cleaned with soap and water. Because of our handicapp, no litter is used. And there are four litter boxes of various sizes placed in a row to share between two of us.

So at times, the litter box is cleaner than the inside of duplex bed box.  Bed box's got drools!