26 May 2024

Fattened before Going Home!

Once she recovered from anesthesia, her appetite was good.
Perhaps our human cheated a bit by giving her chicken pouch cat food with antibiotic pill stuffed in for her first meal every day. Each time she licked the plate clean. Kibbles was then given later which she finished as well.
Towards the end of her stay, her abdomen became plump!
Our human have not decided but may visit her in a week or two.

19 May 2024

Kitty Recovery

She made an excellent recovery and has gone home.
Few days before that, she was prancing around, took out all the late kitties' toys and playing with it.
She ate with gusto too and finished every bit of food, wet and kibbles.

12 May 2024

Short-Term Kitty Tenant

A female stray cat made itself at home at the house porch of our human's brother. Not wanting it to give birth repeatedly, it was sent to be spayed.
Our human decided to help look after it for a week for the cat's recovery and converted the MeowRoom into a VIP Recovery Room.
a - food area
b - bed
c - litter
blue arrow - entrances to MeowYard blocked
green arrow - scratching pole
Top picture - still groggy after the operation
Middle picture - since e-collar is uncomfortable, our human took out old kitties' clothes, sew strings on side and tie to fit this scrawny cat
Bottom picture - the late fatties' clothes kept riding up, our human decided to diy another; took out some old socks and cut holes for the legs and butt.
Right now this kitty is eating well including taking her antibiotic pill and using the litter box.