28 July 2013

Kenggy's Photo Found

Oh, our human procrastinated again. A few paw strikes did the trick!

These were Kenggy's first few photos taken. It was after her spaying operation resting in her private suite for recuperation in early January 2007.

She actually joined EJ and the gang in late December 2006. EJ could not remember the exact date but was certain that it was on a public holiday and so it could be possibly Christmas.

Kenggy has recovered extremely well after her recent operation to remove a growing lump on her mammary gland. The fur shaved off on her belly has grown. Our human has been checking if there are any more growths or lumps. So far, there are none. 

We thank you all once again for the many wishes, kind words, purrayers and headbutts.

Have a great weekend everyone!

07 July 2013

Knot a Pom-Pom Tail

Tanya's tail is short and having semi-long fur, it looks  like a pom-pom.

Touching her tail, which Tanya hates, it feels like the tail is a hook almost like Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK. It was what EJ thought till Tanya's x-rays showed that it curls more to resemble a paper clip almost to a knot. (The x-ray was for her broken leg many, many years ago.)

Just by looking at her tail at times brings back memories that made EJ smile.

It happened when EJ was much younger and squatting at mom's house occupying the smallest room on the top most floor of a double-storey split-level. From the road, it looks like a normal double storey, once inside it is four-level with lots of stairs.

Mom was watching TV on a lower floor when suddenly from the corner of her eye, she saw something huge and white closely following a black furry ball whizzed past her. Realising that black furry ball was Tanya, she screamed for EJ who came running down the stairs.

Tanya's tail got hooked on to EJ's white duffel bag. It was a big ruckus and sight with EJ chasing the white duffel bag chasing black furry Tanya up and down the stairs both screaming on top of their lungs.

When EJ managed to corner Tanya, the nylon strings of the duffel bag simply could not come off her tail. 

With that, EJ decided to take a breather and then brought out the scissors before continuing the marathon chase up and down the stairs.

Mom was no help. With head thrown back, she just sat on her chair, body limped with laughter all the while.

And EJ had more than enough exercise for a week!