28 April 2013

Keeping Fit Kenggy's Way

Yes, Kenggy's tummy is round. She is rotund.

EJ noticed Kenggy always clean herself lying on her back with at least one of her limbs fully stretched in the air like this.

Recently EJ chanced upon a picture of a fitness exercise and thought that exercise move is similar to Kenggy's favourite pose.

It was found out that this 'Bicycle Crunch' move is one of the most effective abdominal exercises as it place emphasis on the obliques. Lie flat on your back (like Kenggy), hold one leg in the air with knee bent so that your other lower leg is parallel to the floor. Place your hands behind your head and contract your abs. Lift your right shoulder off the floor, bringing your right elbow to your left knee while extending your right leg at the same time. Return to your starting position, and repeat on the opposite side.

EJ tried this 'Bicycle Crunch' and was sore at the abdomen the next day.

Well, those who wish to have six-pack abs should try this exercise. Unfortunately Kenggy's always a one-pack!

21 April 2013

Beat Heat

After year's end monsoon rain, weather gets hotter with less rainfall.

It has been scorchingly hot the last few weeks.

The sweltering heat got to EJ. Rather than blogging last week, EJ preferred to laze under the fan at fullblast.

Wearing permanent fur coats the cats feel the heat more and to make them more comfortable, EJ constantly wet-mop the MeowYard and MeowRoom to try to make it cooler. When the floors are damp, the cats would lie flat fully stretched. As it dries out and get warmer, to beat the heat, they seek out cooler spots. Their favourite is their tiled toilet.

Here's Tanya hogging it with Winnie and Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK undecided whether to cramp in with her.

07 April 2013

Captain Jack's Look of Love

When your relaxed cat look at you slowly blinking his or her eyes, he or she is showing and sending love to you.

Here is Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK sending lots and lots of love not only with his buttful of hearts but with his one and only eye!

Have a great weekend everyone!